Here’s How You Should Read Josh Smith Being Waived by Pistons

Too many bricks by Josh Smith got him waived

Here’s how you should interpret the shocking news that the Detroit Pistons placing Josh Smith on the waiver wires: Josh Smith doesn’t play a type of basketball that helps the team win games.

Here’s the statement from coach (and team president) Stan Van Gundy:

“Our team has not performed the way we had expected throughout the first third of the season and adjustments need to be made in terms of our focus and direction. We are shifting priorities to aggressively develop our younger players while also expanding the roles of other players in the current rotation to improve performance and build for our future. As we expand certain roles, others will be reduced.”

Here’s the short version of it all: Josh Smith was waived because the Detroit Pistons wanted to “shift priorities” to “improve performance”. So in other words, the Pistons want to get better, win more, develop younger players, and Josh Smith is so bad and uncooperative (whether consciously or not) that he can’t be apart of any of that.

Obviously, there’s much more to this and I’m sure more will come out in the next few days. Imagine that: A team is so frustrated with a player so much that they don’t even try to trade him (even though Smith has some value); that the better decision was not to get something in return but to immediately let him go. Wow.

Though there was no mention of player dissension in the multiple news sources, I’d be there are more than a few players that support this decision than is represented as a move by the suits.

Smith’s stats look okay, 13.1 points, 7.2 rebounds and 4.7 assists through 28 games this season. Dig deeper and there’s cracks everywhere: 39.1% from the field, 24% from three, and 46.8% from the free throw line.

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