C’mon Kobe: We all know you care about passing Jordan on NBA All-Time Scoring list

Kobe Bryant identical to Michael Jordan

Does anyone actually believe that Kobe Bryant doesn’t care about surpassing Michael Jordan on the NBA all-time scoring list?

Is there anyone in the entire world that actually believes Bryant when he says that it’s not important to him and that he isn’t paying attention to passing to that milestone?

As of this post, Bryant is just 30 points away from tying Michael Jordan’s mark of 32,292 points and all Kobe has been saying the last few weeks leading up to the milestone is that he doesn’t care:

“I don’t even know how many points (Michael Jordan) has,” Bryant told Yahoo. “I don’t even care.”

Ok, Kobe probably doesn’t know the exact number, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

“The process of how I got here moves me, never the accolades.” Bryant said. “It’s the years that I’ve put in, the work. That’s the thing now for me: the work. Every year I play, it’s about winning championships. That’s what I’m supposed to do. What else am I supposed to do? Not about this guy has that, that guy has that. …This is my job.”

Uh huh. Never the accolades. Right. That’s the Kobe Bryant that we all know. So selfless of you, Kobe Bryant (said no one EVER).

“I only think about (passing Jordan) when I’m asked about it,” Bryant said. “I just go out there and play. It’s something that is going to come eventually.”

No kidding? Tell us more about how you don’t think about passing the player, that by everyone’s estimation, is the greatest NBA player of all time. Tell us more of that lie.

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Comparison

“If I really paid attention to numbers, if I really was hell-bent on passing records, I would’ve went to college, came to the pros and been ready to play, put up big numbers and not sit on the bench for (two) years, my first years in the league,” Bryant said.

Oh, c’mon now you’re just playing us for fools, Kobe. No one stays in college to break NBA records. What kind of logic is that? Of course no one comes into the NBA trying to surpass records because every rookie starts at zero. That said, NBA players certainly come in with personal, attainable goals and expectations of themselves — you know, making the NBA All-Star Team and being Rookie of the Year.

“We’ve had different career paths completely,” Bryant said. “I have felt a sense of accomplishment having to carry on the 2-guard legacy, from Jerry (West) to Michael and then to myself. I feel great about that.”

All players have had completely different experiences. We get it, Kobe. You want us to stop the Michael Jordan comparisons because you know you can’t win that game. You want your own legacy and not have all your accomplishments in the shadow of MJ.

“The thing that I always bristled at was the notion that I learned everything that I know from Michael. That’s just not true. Hakeem Olajuwon deserves a lot of credit; Jerry West deserves a lot of credit. Oscar Robertson deserves a lot of credit. I really was a student of the game and watched everybody.” (source)

By his own admission, Kobe admits to patterning his game after Jordan. No shame in trying to “Be Like Mike,” but Kobe mirrored Jordan’s game so much that Jordan even joked that Kobe stole all his moves. And recently, Kobe told Bleacher Report that considers MJ to be like a big brother. So surpassing someone you consider a mentor doesn’t mean anything!? 

Not buying it.

REALLY NOT BUYING IT KOBE. It’s just not Phil Jackson and YouTube, but past teammates knows that Kobe cares about the mark:

“(Kobe) wanted to measure himself against Mike by competing against him.” Former teammate Rick Fox told The OC Register.

We may not know Kobe personally as Rick Fox or Phil Jackson may, but what we’ve been able to gather about him in two decades is that he’s competitive, a self-admitted asshole, and an egomaniac in a league of egos.

Kobe would never admit any player, past, present or future, was better than him. Not even Michael Jordan himself, no matter what anyone has to say

So by passing up Jordan in all-time points scored, he knows that it’s an important milestone for his career whether he wants to say it out loud or not.

People who say that (I care about passing Jordan) don’t really understand me.”

You can say that again.

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