LeBron James, Kyrie Irving Rally Cleveland Over Boston Celtics

LeBron takes flight against the Boston Celtics

You’re only as good as your last game in the NBA, and over the last three, the Cleveland Cavaliers have looked pretty good.

However it took a tremendous rally in the fourth quarter behind Kyrie Irving and LeBron James to come up with the win. The two teams were tied at halftime when Boston jumped on a flat Cleveland team, outscoring the away team by 17 points in that quarter.

Down 17 to start the fourth, Irving hit three tough three-pointers in the first three minutes and that started the momentum. LeBron complimented Irving’s outside shooting by bullying his way to the basket in the final period. The two stars combined for 25 points in the fourth quarter – 10 from LeBron and 15 from Irving.

“Kyrie made some shots. LeBron made some shots,” The Celtics’ Jared Sullinger said after the game. “That’s what great players do.”

The Cavs outscored the Celtics by just enough (38-20) to eke out a one-point win after Rajon Rondo dribbled too much and wasn’t able to get a shot off.

For LeBron, he ended the game with a season-high 41 points. The Boston game saw another milestone for LeBron James. After the win, LeBron now has 23,360 points which surpassed former Celtics star center Robert Parish for 24th place in all-time scoring list (23,334).


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    Labron better than MJ

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    Lets have article’s regarding super star Dwayne (FLASH) Wade!

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