Olimpija Player Saves Ball Into Basket: Hits Crazy Behind the Backboard Shot

Sloevnian players saves basketball into basket
By way of I <3 Basketball comes this crazy shot in a game between Slovenian club team Olimpija Ljubljana and Serbian team Partizan.

After an airball sends the basketball out of bounds, a Olimpija player sails out of bounds trying to keep the ball in play and he tosses it behind his head, high over the backboard, and it nestles in the net.

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots that won’t happen for another ten years. There’s just too many factors that goes against this even happening once. It’s so crazy that it doesn’t seem real and because we don’t see the flight of the ball I almost don’t want to believe it.

What makes this basket so difficult is not just because the player’s body is all the way out of bounds, almost tripping over himself trying to save the ball, but he is ALSO behind the backboard and not even facing the basket.

Let’s not forget his momentum is taking him in the opposite direction, so the angle in which he must throw the ball not only has to be high enough to go over the backboard, but it has to go directly down into the basket once it’s over the backboard. Not an easy feat when you’re not even moving and this guy is moving.

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