Watch Rudy Gobert Block Pau Gasol in France’s Win Over Spain

Gobert blocks GasolRudy Gobert had a coming out party in France’s big win over Spain in the FIBA World Cup. He didn’t light it up on the offensive end though both his baskets came on big dunks in the first half. The 7-2 Gobert’s impact came on the backboard and on the defensive end.

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In the critical fourth quarter, the 22-year old Gobert found him up against international and NBA veteran Pau Gasol – the leader of the powerhouse Spanish team. Gasol sized up the young Frenchman, drove at his body, but Gobert stuck to him. When Gasol found himself right by the basket, he thought he had an easy basket. At that point, Gobert rose up and batted the shot back out near the three-point line. Watch the highlight:

Gobert was credited with only the one block, but the lanky center altered other shots by Gasol, Marc Gasol, and Serge Ibaka. And that one block came with just five minutes left in the game with France hanging on to a six point lead. That was a critical stand among many critical stands during a game-changing two minute stretch.

That’s good news for the Utah Jazz, who obtained his rights from the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets drafted the French center in 2013 with the 27th overall pick.

Gobert ended with just 4 points, but pulled down 13 rebounds, and one big block against Spain’s best player. Discuss the FIBA World Cup in our forum.

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