FIBA World Cup Scores, Remaining Schedule, and Predictions

FIBA World Cup Scores + Bracket

After a grueling week of round robin play, the FIBA World Cup has a rare rest day today for the teams that have advanced to the next round. The 16 teams, the top four teams from Groups A, B, C, and D, can prepare themselves for the single-elimination quarterfinals.

Eliminated from the preliminary rounds were Afrobasket champions Angola, Egypt, Finland, Asia Champs Iran, KoreaPhilippines, Puerto Rico, and Ukraine. All four teams from Asia didn’t advance to the next round.The biggest surprise to come out of this group elimination was Puerto Rico, whom was the odd team out as Senegal pulled off upsets over the favored team, as well as Croatia.

The 16 teams that advanced are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the United States. This includes three undefeated teams in Spain (group A), Greece (group B), and the United States (group C).

FIBA World Cup Scores (as of Sept 5th, 2014)


Rest day


Group D AUS 83 ANG 91
Group B SEN 79 PHI 81
Group C FIN 65 NZL 67
Group A BRA 128 EGY 65
Group D KOR 71 MEX 87
Group C UKR 71 USA 95
Group A IRI 76 FRA 81
Group B CRO 103 PUR 82
Group D LTU 67 SLO 64
Group C TUR 77 DOM 64
Group A SRB 73 ESP 89
Group B ARG 71 GRE 79


Group D MEX 62 AUS 70
Group B PHI 73 PUR 77
Group C NZL 73 UKR 61
Group A EGY 73 IRI 88
Group D SLO 93 ANG 87
Group B SEN 46 ARG 81
Group C TUR 77 FIN 73
Group A SRB 73 BRA 81
Group D LTU 79 KOR 49
Group B GRE 76 CRO 65
Group C DOM 71 USA 106
Group A ESP 88 FRA 64


Group D ANG 55 MEX 79
Group C UKR 64 TUR 58
Group D AUS 82 LTU 75
Group C USA 98 NZL 71
Group D KOR 72 SLO 89
Group C FIN 68 DOM 74


Group B CRO 75 SEN 77
Group A IRI 70 SRB 83
Group B ARG 85 PHI 81
Group A FRA 94 EGY 55
Group B PUR 79 GRE 90
Group A BRA 63 ESP 82


Group C DOM 76 NZL 63
Group D KOR 55 AUS 89
Group B ARG 85 CRO 90
Group A SRB 73 FRA 74
Group C FIN 81 UKR 76
Group D SLO 89 MEX 68
Group B SEN 82 PUR 75
Group A BRA 79 IRI 50
Group D LTU 75 ANG 62
Group B PHI 70 GRE 82
Group C TUR 77 USA 98
Group A ESP 91 EGY 54


Group B CRO 81 PHI 78
Group C UKR 72 DOM 62
Group D ANG 80 KOR 69
Group A EGY 64 SRB 85
Group C NZL 73 TUR 76
Group D AUS 80 SLO 90
Group B PUR 75 ARG 98
Group A FRA 63 BRA 65
Group D MEX 74 LTU 87
Group B GRE 87 SEN 64
Group C USA 114 FIN 55
Group A IRI 60 ESP 90

FIBA World Cup Quarterfinal Predictions

The round of 16 will be a single-elimination to determine the next round.

Look to Slovenia to overcome a strong showing from an aggressive Dominican Republic squad. The United States should overwhelm Mexico over the course of the game and easily roll to another 30+ point win. Lithuania will similarly pull away from New Zealand, albeit by a smaller margin of 15+ points. Turkey vs. Australia will be a physical battle with the Boomers sneaking out with a small victory in a bruising contest.

On the other side of the bracket, I see France using their experience against Croatia to come out with surprising win by 10+ points. Unfortunately, Senegal’s run will come to a painful end when they meet a powerhouse Spanish team. It could get ugly if Senegal isn’t hitting their outside shots. Greece will continue to roll and push their streak to six straight games over Serbia. In a match against the South American teams is the most evenly-matched. When two teams mirror each as Brazil and Argentina do, I go with experience and that’s Argentina.

For the remaining games of the FIBA World Cup — check out our full tournament schedule or go to FIBA’s official website.

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