The Top Barcelona Hotels to stay in for FIBA World Cup


Hotel Majestic is located near La Pedrera and Casa Batllo, which are the two of the most famous Gaudi buildings in Madrid. It is one of the oldest hotels in the city with a history that spans out in a period of over 90 years. Classic interior that features huge columns and a chandelier that is leading you to the lobby lounge. Here you will find a bar decorated with a classy piano. All of the rooms in the hotel have been recently renovated.

Hotel Majestic Barcelona

Hotel Majestic Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ABaC hidden in an alley of villas slightly out of the reach of all the crowded Barcelona tourist sites is the perfect getaway if you need your peace and quiet while you stay at the city. The building was promoted as a hotel back in 2008 and initially it was built with the purpose to be an US embassy back in 1936. Today it is known to be a hotel that features a great restaurant led by the youngest chef in the country Jordi Cruz.

Casa Fuster will enchant you with its classic design created by a very famous Catalan architect. Although it was promoted as a historic building back in 2004, this hotel will surprise you with its super modern 105 rooms. The upside is that you have Café Vienes just in front of your doorstep, which is one of the most popular gathering spots in Barcelona.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona is your sure pick from this list because you can’t make a mistake by choosing to stay at a Mandarin Oriental owned property. Some of the cool features include a rooftop pool, one of the best breakfast menus in whole of Spain and impeccable service that makes no mistake satisfying your needs.

Fitness pool at Mandarin Oriental, New York

Fitness pool at Mandarin Oriental, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hotel Claris has the best location from all of our choices on this list. It is a 19th century palace transformed in a really cozy resting location. While staying at the hotel you can check out the art collection publicly presented in the hallways and lobby that has over 400 unique pieces of art.

Hotel Arts Barcelona is for all of you that want to be as close as possible to the Mediterranean as possible. The hotel has a cool restaurant at the top of the 42nd floor and can guest up to 483 rooms. It is a “leftover” from the 1992 Olympics, but you can’t say that the Spaniards don’t know how to take an advantage of things after important sporting tournaments finish.

Barceloneta Beach, in Barcelona.

Barceloneta Beach, in Barcelona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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