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With the date for the start of the 2014 FIBA World Cup coming closer it is very interesting to see how good are the chances of further qualification of the non elite teams. The Gilas Pilipinas will play against Croatia, Greece, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Senegal in the opening round that starts at the end of August. You can check out their full schedule and opponent analysis right here. In this post we will try to present you the key players that are a part of the Gilas Pilipinas squad for the 2014 FIBA World Cup (discuss in our forum).

Andray Blatche – 6’11” 260lb PF/C

Andray Blatche is the latest addition to the Gilas roster and he will need to replace Marcus Douthit because only one naturalized player can join a squad at the tournament. Not only that Blatche is the best player on the squad, but he will need to win some important matchups especially against Croatia, Greece and Argentina. When playing against Croatia he will need to limit the offensive impact of Dario Saric who can play all of the big man positions starting from SF. Argentina comes with a young squad on this tournament, but their most important player is Luis Scola who will battle Blatche in the paint on both ends of the floor. Don’t forget that Scola is one of the most technically equipped big man in the game on global level and possesses great strength for his size and body type. When playing against Greece Blatche will need to battle Bourousis who is one of the most experienced centers on the tournament with couple of Euroleague titles behind his name and has been a dominant force in the paint in the past 10 years in the Euroleague. Although Blatche has huge NBA experience at the age of 27 he still hasn’t felt how it is to compete on a top level basketball tournament for a national side.

Ranidel de Ocampo – 6’6” 230lb SF

The only pure SF on the roster will have huge role on this championship because all other teams except for Senegal and Argentina have high class small forwards. The difference in quality will be especially noticeable against Greece (Papanikolau) and Croatia (Bogdanovic). It will be hard for de Ocampo to be productive on the offensive end when he has extensive work to do on defense against these teams, but he also holds the key to the success of his team against Senegal and Argentina.

Paul Lee – 6’1” 180lb PG/SG

He is one of the best shooters on the squad and had a really good overall performance at the Asian Games where his squad won the bronze medal. He will have the opportunity to prove himself when Andre Blatche gets doubled in the paint and he is left open for the three point shot. He is also known for his good feel of the game so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he leads his team in assists, especially when he has Blatche on the pick and roll.

Jayson Castro – 5’11” 184lb PG

Another fast player in the backcourt that has been chosen for the best five team at the Asian Games alongside with NBA’s Hamed Haddadi, Oshin Sahakian,Lin Chih-Chieh and Kim Mingoo. The emotional leader of the team that puts all of his best in every game will also have the opportunity to prove his long range skills on this tournament and be a key factor for the success of his team.

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Lewis Alfred Tenorio – 5’7” 190lb PG

LA Tenorio has been a part of the national team since 2012 and has proven to be one of the best assist men on a team that is mainly consisted of players that play the PG and SG position. He had a really good tournament while playing at the Asian Games this year and will probably try to keep up the good form during this World Cup.

In general the Gilas have a very experienced squad and the addition of Andrey Blatche is a big boost for them. They had an intensive training camp in Miami earlier this summer on which they showed good team spirit and were looking good on the floor. Their key matchups will come against Puerto Rico, Argentina and of course Senegal. If they manage to do something in these three games they can look towards qualifying for the next stage. Senegal has compiled a squad for this World Cup in the last moments and they have taken players from all across Europe just to fulfill the necessary quote. Argentina is known as a powerhouse in the world of basketball, but they are in the middle of a generation switch, so anything can happen in this one. Puerto Rico are a very similar, but much more experienced squad than the Gilas. Arroyo and Barea are their two best players and the Pilipinas side has lots of backcourt players that are quick on defense so they can control the PG-SG combo of Puerto Rico. Below you can check out the top 10 plays of the Gilas Pilipinas training camp in Miami.


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