Paul George Severely Injured: Breaks Leg During Team USA Scrimmage

Paul George hurt leg during team USA game

The worst nightmare happened for any player, their team’s General Manager, and fans of a team – their superstar player went down with what looks like a very serious injury during a post-season scrimmage.

During tonight’s blue/white intra-squad game between 20 of the best basketball players vying for a spot on Team USA to participate at the FIBA World Cup this summer.

In the second half of the scrimmage, Paul George was coming on strong, chasing down James Harden to contest his layup on a breakaway.

George coming at full speed, tried to block Harden’s shot from behind and as he came down, he landed on one leg. Trying to slow down and catch himself from the momentum running down Harden, George’s foot slid on the floor until it met up against the basketball support.

Between George’s velocity and the solid basketball support, George’s lower leg gave in the crush and literally snapped in half.

(ESPN reported that the leg got caught under the support, and because of the angle and momentum, it broke his leg.)

As James Harden went to help up George, you could tell that Harden noticeably winces and walks away immediately from the gruesome, freak injury.

The severity of the play wasn’t fully realized by the announcers until ESPN came back from the commercial break as the players gathered around and said a prayer for George, who was being strapped up to be taken away on a stretcher. George was in very obvious pain, but conscious.

The play happened no more than 20 minutes ago from the publishing of this post, but after watching over the play on my DVR, this looks to be nothing short of a very serious injury for the Indiana Pacer’s star player. What you could see on the replay was too gruesome to show more than once — ESPN decided not to show the video again (good idea).

We hope George the best and wish him a speedy recovery.

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