2014 NBA Mock Draft

2014 NBA Mock Draft

The 2014 NBA Draft is quickly coming up on June 26th, 2014. This year’s draft will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Depending on what pundit or sports website you believe, the common consensus out there is that the first three picks in the draft will be Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid. Despite the reports of Embiid’s recent injury that will take him out of the action for a few months, most believe that the Cavaliers will take the Kansas Jayhawks big man with the first overall pick of the draft. Although the Cavs could surprise us all and take Wiggins with the first pick in the draft to address their needs at small forward, a quality big man with plenty of upside is hard to pass up in the NBA! Please enjoy our 2014 NBA Mock Draft (First Round Only) and leave any feedback you have on our picks in the comments section of this article. We are looking forward to see who the Cavaliers pick with the first overall pick after winning the NBA Draft lottery!

2014 NBA Mock Draft

NBA Draft Round 1 Picks

#1 – Cleveland Cavaliers
Player Picked: Joel Embiid, C, Kansas, 7-0, Fr.
The Cavaliers continue to take flack for their use (or some would say waste) of the #1 pick last year. In the 2014 NBA Draft, it should be difficult for the Cavs front office to make the same mistake. Although the team has the largest need at small forward with Luol Deng being a free agent, the could also use a quality big man. Embiid’s relatively new foot issue that requires surgery could push the front office into picking Wiggins or Parker, but they should likely still take Embiid with the first pick of the draft.

#2 – Milwaukee Bucks
Player Picked:  Jabari Parker, SF, Duke, 6-8, Fr.
Despite the fact that the Bucks took Giannis Antetokounmpo in the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft, its likely that they take Parker if Embiid is off of the board with the

Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker (Photo credit: SportsAngle.com)

overall #2 pick. Wiggins’ game is too similar to Antetokounmpo’s for it to make sense for the team to take him in this slot. Parker is assessed as being NBA-ready for his offense. He will require the most work on the defensive end.

#3  Philadelphia 76ers
Player Picked: Andrew Wiggins, SF, Kansas, 6-8, Fr.
The 76ers will likely take the best player available with the overall #3 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. If Wiggins is still available, he is assessed to be the best pick available for Philly to plug-in beside Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams. If Parker is available still, he would be the team’s next likely pick in the three position of the draft.

#4 Orlando Magic
Player Picked: Dante Exum, G, Australia, 6-6, 1995
We’re thinking that Orlando is going to go for their point guard of the future with this pick in taking Aussie, Dante Exum. It is hard to pass up on a point guard with his size. The Magic could decide to go with Indiana’s Noah Vonleh here, but we think that Exum is the likely pick.

#5 Utah Jazz
Player Picked: Julius Randle, PF, Kentucky, 6-9, Fr.
Julius Randle is one of three power forward candidates the Jazz may take in this position. Although they already have talented big men Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors on the roster, Randle is a beast that can compliment their play and provide the Jazz with more depth for a run at the 2015 NBA Playoffs!

#6 Boston Celtics
Player Picked: Aaron Gordon, PF, Arizona, 6-9, Fr.
Though still raw offensively and a tweener forward, Aaron Gordon is a ridiculous athlete and terrific defender who should be a solid role player in the NBA. The Celtics should once again be active leading up to draft night, so this pick could be moved if the right deal comes along.

#7 Los Angeles Lakers
Player Picked: Noah Vonleh, PF, Indiana, 6-10, Fr.
The Lakers are in a “quick” rebuilding mode and need to add talent that can contribute. Vonleh is a quality big man who has improved his draft stock significantly since the NBA Draft combine. Between his current skill set and potential, if the Lakers don’t take him, then the next likely choice is going to be PG, Marcus Smart.

#8 Sacramento Kings
Player Picked: Marcus Smart, PG, Oklahoma State, 6-4, Soph.
The Sacramento Kings’ owners are doing their best to build a winner. With letting Tyreke Evans go, the team needs to get some quality depth in the backcourt in order to compete throughout the regular season. If Dante Exum is still available in the 8 hole, then he could be an option for the team as well.

#9 Charlotte Hornets
Player Picked: Nik Stauskas, SG, Michigan, 6-6, Soph.
The Sixers use this pick in hopes of finding a future running mate for Michael Carter-Williams. Nik Stauskas is a sharpshooter from the outside, which fits a need for a Philly team searching for a perimeter threat.

#10 Philadelphia 76ers
Player Picked: James Young, SG, Kentucky, 6-6, Fr.
The 76ers need a guard to team up with Carter-Williams who can drain the three-ball. James Young has NBA size, and one of the best three point shots in the 2014 NBA Draft. He will not only give the 76ers a great outside shooter, but could help them form a championship nucleus to help appease a fan base who has grown tired of the team losing.

#11 Denver Nuggets
Player Picked: Dario Saric, SF, Croatia, 6-10, 1993
In the 11 spot, the Nuggets will probably choose the best player available in the draft. Saric has a great outside shot that can help stretch the defense. He is assessed as possibly staying in Europe for another few years; however, so if you see the Nuggets take another player here, that will likely be the reason.

#12 Orlando Magic
Player Picked: Adreian Payne, PF, Michigan State, 6-10, Sr.
Orlando will likely use this pick for the best big man available with a lot of upside. At this point, Adreian Payne is the best pick available who will be able to help out the


ukvstransy2 (Photo credit: Eahasken)

Magic front court. The Magic were able to obtain a second lottery pick for this year based on the four-team trade involving Dwight Howard from a few years ago.

#13 Minnesota T-Wolves
Player Picked: Gary Harris, SG, Michigan State, 6-4, Soph.
The T-Wolves are one of the enigmas for the 2014 NBA Draft due to the uncertainty about what they are going to do with Kevin Love. If the team doesn’t move Love, then they will be looking for some added scoring depth off of their bench which makes Garry Harris a good choice here.

#14 Phoenix Suns
Player Picked: Rodney Hood, SF, Duke, 6-8, Soph.
I don’t know if it is Jabari Parker exhaustion or what, but teammate Rodney Hood is one of the sleepers in this draft. He brings a solid outside shot with the ability to finish at the rim. He brings talent to the wing, and has a strong chance to be a late lottery pick in this year’s draft.

#15 Atlanta Hawks
Player Picked: Doug McDermott, SF, Creighton, 6-8, Sr.
Doug McDermott brings both size and a smooth stroke to the table. He will be able to contribute to the Hawks from the get-go, and is a solid pick in this spot.

#16 Chicago Bulls
Player Picked: Shabazz Napier, PG, Connecticut, 6-1, Sr.
With Kirk Hinrich and D.J. Augustin both being free agents this year combined with Marquis Teague being traded, the Bulls are in need of adding some point guard depth. Shabazz Napier knows how to win, and he will compliment D-Rose effectively while he learns how to play in the NBA.

#17 Boston Celtics
Player Picked: Zach LaVine, SG, UCLA, 6-5, Fr.
Zach LaVine is one of the most athletic prospects in this year’s draft. Although he is not considered to be NBA-ready, Boston can likely afford to take him and see if he develops into a star in the next few years. The Celtics have this pick from the previous year’s Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade.

#18 Phoenix Suns
Player Picked:  Kyle Anderson, G/F, UCLA, 6-9, Soph.
The Suns have the Wizards pick in this position due to the previous Joe Johnson trade. Kyle Anderson is one of the unique prospects in the 2014 NBA Draft. He possesses point guard skills in a Magic Johnson-sized body. The Suns own this pick from the John Johnson trade, and he is likely worth the risk for a team who has three first round picks this year.

#19 Chicago Bulls
Player Picked: P.J. Hairston, SG, North Carolina, 6-5, Jr.
The Bulls could just as easy take Tyler Ennis from Syracuse with this pick. Hairston likely wins out due to his size and will give the team additional options on the wing. Chicago has this pick via the Tyrus Thomas trade.

#20 Toronto Raptors
Player Picked: Tyler Ennis, PG, Syracuse, 6-2, Fr.
With the question marks in the air with Greivis Vasquez being a restricted free agent and Kyle Lowry being an unrestricted free agent, the Raptors are in need of a quality point guard. In the 20 position, he is a good pick for the value for Toronto.

#21 Oklahoma City Thunder
Player Picked:  K.J. McDaniels, SF, Clemson, 6-6, Jr.
The Thunder can use a quality perimeter defender from the draft this year. K.J. McDaniels helps fill this need and is also very athletic. The Thunder have this pick as a result of the James Harden trade via the Houston Rockets and LA Lakers.

#22 Memphis Grizzlies
Player Picked: T.J. Warren, SF, N.C. State, 6-8, Soph.
With Mike Miller being a free agent this year and Tayshaun Prince just getting old, it’s about time for Memphis to add some depth on the wing. Warren is an attacker who is a pretty efficient scorer that can help fill this need for the Grizzlies.

#23 Utah Jazz
Player Picked: Jordan Clarkson, G, Missouri, 6-5, Jr.
Utah has this pick from the Warriors due to the Andris Biedrins / Richard Jefferson trade. Clarkson is a great combo guard who helps provide some needed depth in the

Jazz backcourt. He is very capable of contributing at the NBA level despite the fact he did not receive much media attention during this past season.

#24 Charlotte Hornets
Player Picked: Elfrid Payton, G, LA-Lafayette, 6-4, Jr.
The Hornets are looking for a guard who can take the place of Luke Ridnour who is a free agent this year. Payton has the size to play alongside Kemba Walker. Charlotte has this pick from the Portland Trail Blazers from the Gerald Wallace trade.

#25 Houston Rockets
Player Picked: Jerami Grant, SF, Syracuse, 6-8, Soph.
Houston is looking for more options off of their bench for the upcoming season. Jerami Grant may be just the pick for them since he is athletic with a great wingspan. He does need a lot of work on his outside shot to really contribute though.

#26 Miami Heat
Player Picked: Cleanthony Early, SF, Wichita State, 6-8, Sr.
With Shane Battier retiring, the Heat will be looking for someone who can knock down the outside shot. Not only can he hit outside shots, but Early also has the physicality to compete day-in-day-out in the NBA.

#27 Phoenix Suns
Player Picked:  Clint Capela, PF, Switzerland, 6-10, 1994
With the large number of first round picks the Suns have this year, it is pretty much assumed that they will burn at least one on an overseas prospect to keep overseas until he is ready to play in the NBA. Capela has the size and potential to fit this bill for the Suns who have the 27th pick from the Pacers due to the Luis Scola trade.

#28 Los Angeles Clippers
Player Picked: Mitch McGary, C, Michigan, 6-10, Soph.
The Clippers need depth in the paint behind Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. McGary fills theis need and gives them a physical player who hustles. Due to missing most of the past college basketball season from a back injury, McGary’s draft stock has gotten hurt a bit.

#29 Oklahoma City Thunder
Player Picked: Jusuf Nurkic, C, Bosnia, 7-0, 1994
Nurkic gives the Thunder a tall and wide body to help out in the low post. Coming in at 280 lbs, Nurkic has a lot of upside and could be a big contributor for Oklahoma City.

#30 San Antonio Spurs
Player Picked: Jarnell Stokes, PF, Tennessee, 6-9, Jr.
San Antonio needs to add both youth and depth inside. Jarnell Stokes has been a beast since he reclassified and joined the Tennessee Volunteers early. Besides being a quality inside presence, he also has a decent mid-range jump shot.

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