What is the 2014 NBA Draft Order?

The 2014 NBA Draft will be held on June 26th, 2014 at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. The first 14 picks of the draft are what is referred to as the NBA Lottery with the first three positions picked by a lottery that was held on May 20th, 2014. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the odds and earned the #1 pick in the draft again this year with the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers getting to pick second and third respectfully. This year’s draft is generating a significant amount of buzz compared to past years with the number of quality players being available this year. A common question that arises with NBA fans is what is the 2014 NBA Draft Order?

2014 NBA Draft First Round Order

The first three picks in this year’s NBA Draft were determined by the NBA Draft lottery held on May 20th, 2014. The Cleveland Cavaliers landed the top pick against the odds again this year followed by the Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers. The remainder of the lottery picks were determined by team record followed by any relevant trades from past years, etc.  The NBA Draft will be broadcast by ESPN live online and via their TV station.

Draft Lottery Position
1            Cleveland
2            Milwaukee
3            Philadelphia
4            Orlando
5            Utah
6            Boston

Cleveland Cavaliers logo

Cleveland Cavaliers logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7            LA Lakers
8            Sacramento
9            Charlotte (Conveyed from Detroit)
10           Philadelphia (Conveyed from New Orleans)
11           Denver
12           Orlando (Conveyed from New York)
13           Minnesota
14           Phoenix

2014 NBA Draft Order for “Non-Lottery” teams

Draft Position
15           Atlanta
16           Chicago (Conveyed from Charlotte)
17           Boston (Conveyed from Brooklyn)
18           Phoenix (Conveyed from Washington)
19           Chicago
20           Toronto
21           Oklahoma City (From Dallas via Houston and LAL)
22           Memphis
23           Utah (From Golden State)
24           Charlotte (From Portland)
25           Houston
26           Miami
27           Phoenix (from Indiana)

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

28           LA Clippers
29           Oklahoma City
30           San Antonio

2014 NBA Draft Second Round Pick Order

31           Milwaukee Bucks
32           Philadelphia 76ers
33           Cleveland Cavaliers (from Orlando)
34           Dallas Mavericks (from Boston)
35           Utah Jazz

36           Milwaukee Bucks (from L.A. Lakers via Phoenix and Minnesota)
37           Toronto Raptors (from Sacramento)
38           Detroit Pistons
39           Philadelphia 76ers (from Cleveland)
40           Minnesota Timberwolves (from New Orleans)
41           Denver Nuggets
42           Houston Rockets (from New York)
43           Atlanta Hawks
44           Minnesota Timberwolves
45           Charlotte Hornets
46           Washington Wizards
47           Philadelphia 76ers (from Brooklyn via Boston and Dallas)
48           Milwaukee Bucks (from Toronto via Phoenix)
49           Chicago Bulls
50           Phoenix Suns
51           Dallas Mavericks
52           Philadelphia 76ers (from Memphis via Cleveland)
53           Minnesota Timberwolves (from Golden State)
54           Philadelphia 76ers (from Houston via Milwaukee)
55           Miami Heat
56           Denver Nuggets (from Portland)
57           Indiana Pacers
58           San Antonio Spurs (from L.A. Clippers via New Orleans)
59           Toronto Raptors (from Oklahoma City via New York)
60           San Antonio Spurs

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