Will Nikola Mirotic, The Dirk Nowitzki Of The Future, End Up In Chicago

Nikola MIrotic, real madrid to chicago bulls

Nikola Mirotic has caught the attention of great number of NBA scouts and players in the past year or so. Big reason for this are his great performances for Real Madrid over the last three seasons. In this period he won the MVP award in the Spanish ACB (2013) and was selected for the All ACB Team as well as in the All Euroleague Second Team in the same year.

He is often compared with NBA great Dirk Nowitzki because of his outstanding agility and sweet jump shot for the size. Great number of scouts are suggesting that Mirotic is not that athletic and would have trouble fitting in with the NBA style of basketball. Just think of the fact that one of the main reasons why Kevin Durant was not selected as the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft was because he couldn’t bench press more than 185 lb. This was one of the greatest lessons for GMs in the NBA that sometimes basketball fundamentals and IQ are invaluable. 

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Nikola Mirotic stands at 6 ft 10 in and weighs 235 lb. He possesses great shooting technique, ball-handling and speed for his size; which is one of the main reasons why he so much reminds of Dirk Nowitzki. Only without the long blond hair and awkward draft day pictures. In the upcoming video, created by draftexpress.com, you can see why almost each NBA blogger has written an article about Nikola’s future with the NBA in the past couple of months.

Chicago Bulls hold the rights for Nikola Mirotic right now, but there are hundreds of scenarios where will he end up. The most plausible one is that Chicago will sign him and get rid of Carlos Boozer when they get the chance. The only problem behind this is that Mirotic can sign only a rookie contract for a sum that is now even close to what he’s making at Real Madrid. Nevertheless there are bunch of signs and statements that imply that he will sign for the Bulls next season. Most recent example is the quote of Hector Fernandes, his best friend, in the Daily Herald where he states:

“Niko is a winner. He has born for competition. He wants to win in every aspect,” Fernandez said. “He is ready for the NBA adventure for sure. Since he was drafted, he’s been interested in Chicago. He knows everything about the team and also about the city and the number of Serbian people who live there.”

It will be an interesting summer for Nikola Mirotic, Real Madrid and the Chicago Bulls as well as for the whole basketball public in Europe and the States, but whatever happens this is one of the most talented big man coming out of Europe in the past decade.

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