Mascot Madness: Have You Seen These Vintage College Mascot Logos?

March Mascot Madness NCAA Tournament Logos

Here are some versions of college mascot logos* that you’ve never seen before. Here’s the Orangeman, Tarheel, Bearcat, and Buckeye like you’ve (maybe) never seen them.

Included are the mascots for the entire field of the 2014 NCAA Tournament and the four #1 seeds of the 2014 tourney – Arizona’s Wildcat, Florida’s Gator, Wichita State‘s Shocker (!), and Virginia’ Cavalier.

#1 Seed Vintage Mascots

A wildcat, shocker, alligator and a cavalier walk into bar. These are your #1 seeds: Arizona, Wichita State, Florida and Virginia. The Florida Gator looks extremely anxious. As a #1 seed should be come this time a year.

#2 Seed Vintage Mascots

The #2 seeded teams’ mascots are a wolverine, jayhawk, wildcat, and badger representing Michigan, Kansas, Villanova and Wisconsin. That badger is no honey badger. He’s angry.

#3 Seed Vintage Mascots

Two birds, a fruit, and a stuck-up devil – I give you the 3 seeds: Iowa State, Creighton, Syracuse, and Duke. That’s one mean looking orange… with teeth. Also, Creighton’s bluejay is emo.

#4 Seed Vintage Mascots

A bear named Joe, A spartan, and one of many cardinals. Louisville, UCLA, Michigan State, and San Diego State are your #4 seeds of the tournament.

#5 Seed Vintage Mascots

Who would come out on top between a billiken, ram, sooner, and a bearcat? Personally, I think the billiken because aliens have special powers.

#6 Seed Vintage Mascots

Despite disliking Ohio State a lot, Brutus is one cool mascot. I also think the Tarheel is one of the most intimidating mascots — feels like a Dungeons & Dragons monster with a preppy style.

#7 Seed Vintage Mascots

The #7 seeds’ mascots have the most wide-ranging emotions: an angry duck, a hungry wolf, a content dog, and a stressed-out cow. Wait is that Donald Duck, but just green?

#8 Seed Vintage Mascots

If I knew absolutely nothing about college basketball and was picking on mascots alone – I would probably think the #8 seed would be the favorites. This is an intimidating squad of animals with intimidating facial expressions. That wildcat is not messing around. That buffalo is frustrated. The tiger? Unhappy. And look at the jowls on Spike the Bulldog (Gonzaga).

#9 Seed Vintage Mascots

Two cats and two humans. Is it true that colonials evolved into today’s cowboys. How come we don’t have more modern day colonials?

#10 Seed Vintage Mascots

More devils and birds and cats. At least there’s a tree now to break things up. Thanks for some diversity, Stanford. Are there any other mascots that are not a person or an animal? Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the angry orange.

#11 Seed Vintage Mascots

I like when mascots are more cultural and representative of history than just another meaningless animal mascot. This group won’t be mistaken for many other colleges with a friar, a pilot, and a corn husker? The Flyers are in reference Orville and Wilbur Wright who were from Dayton, Ohio.

#12 Seed Vintage Mascots

There’s something about mascots in college sweaters that appeals to me. We need more school mascots that are amphibians in turtlenecks.

#13 Seed Vintage Mascots

You don’t and shouldn’t see mascots of higher education sporting their right to bare arms. Though I’d carry a gat too if a angry blue hen or a hurricane with legs came after me.

#14 Seed Vintage Mascots

I have seven words for you that sums up this group — University of Louisiana – Layfayette Ragin’ Cajun Pepper.

#15 Seed Vintage Mascots

Despit somehow reminding me of racism (bad) and of Colonel Sanders (good), Eastern Kentucky’s colonel mascot stands out in this group. Wofford’s manic terrier is a close second.

#16 Seed Vintage Mascots

CHANTICLEER! Someone stuck a broomstick into the Cal Poly Mustang’s ass.

So Many Birds and Wildcats!

It’s surprising to see so many birds, jays, cardinals, hens, chickens, hawks making up college mascots – when did birds become so intimidating? In second place? Wildcats (Arizona, Kentucky, Villanova, Weber St. just to name four). It’s not like we’re short of mammals, seafood, and insects. I’d like to see more intimidating, powerful animals and scary bugs as school mascots. University of Phoenix Spiders?

Speaking of weird choices, the lower the seeds, the more unique the mascot choice. I’m loving the domesticated dogs being represented by the smaller schools — the Great Danes of Albany, the Wofford Terriers, and Bulldogs of Gonzaga.

* Ok, not every one of these mascot logos are official nor can be categorized as “vintage” so much as I think they’re really cool. Shut up and enjoy.

** Still surprised that many college teams still use offensive imagery of Native-Americans. For that SDSU, you don’t get your silly logo on this post. I’m sure you’re devastated.


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