Nate Robinson’s 3 dunks in 2 Minute Span vs. Lakers (GIF)

Nate Robinson Dunks against the Lakers

Even for the most-prolific dunkers, it’s difficult to amass three dunks in single game alone. Despite being a two-time slam dunk champion, Nate Robinson rarely gets to show off his vertical leap in the game. Last night, he got to show off his inhuman ability to dunk a ball at just 5-9 and he did it three times, and in less than a 2 minute span.

First an alley-oop from Ty Lawson

Nate Robinson alley oop vs lakers

Then a follow-up dunk after a missed J.J. Hickson layup less than a minute later

Nate Robinson putback dunk vs Lakers

Then another putback dunk off Evan Fournier miss just 40 seconds later

Nate Robinson follow up dunk vs Lakers

Not only did the Denver Nuggets blow out the Lakers 137-115, but you could see the frustration on the Lakers’ body language as Nate Robinson made the Staples Center his personal hightlight reel.

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