Pau Gasol to Speak During Madrid’s 2020 Olympic Bid


Madrid, Spain is one of the few cities still in the running to host the 2020 Olympic Games and with one more chance to win the Olympic Committee over, the city and the nation are turning to one of their heroes.

According to, Madrid’s Olympic bid committee has appointed Los Angeles Lakers star and Spain native Pau Gasol to act as one of its distinguished spokesmen at the final presentation in Buenos Aires next month. Along with his fellow countrymen, Gasol will address the International Olympic Committee and attempt to convince it that Madrid should be the home of the 2020 summer games.

The IOC will make its final decision on September 7th, choosing between Madrid, Tokyo and Istanbul. While all three cities would certainly make accommodating hosts, Madrid will attempt to sway the committee with the economic argument, as it is currently in a recession and could benefit from the tourism that the Olympics would provide. In a statement issued by the Madrid bid committee, Gasol even noted that the Olympics are “more than sport” and that Madrid needed the economic boost.

Madrid’s move to appoint Gasol as a speaker resembles one Spain would likely make late in a game, handing the ball to Gasol in crunch time while hoping he makes the winning shot. Considering Gasol has led his country to two Olympic silver medals, it’s easy to see why the committee is comfortable putting the spotlight on him again.

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