Taiwan shocks China 96-78, First Win Over China in 28 Years

Taiwan shocked China in a stunning comeback that saw the Taiwanese upset China in the Asia Championships of Basketball.

Taiwan celebrates win over China in Asia Basketball Championships

Down by 17 points in he first half. Taiwan would shoot over 70% in the second half, to handily beat China, who were the defending champions, by 18 points.

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The 35 point turnaround allows Taiwan to advance into the Asia Basketball Championship semifinals – the first time since 1999. Taiwan will have to put on another shooting display as their next opponent is an Iranian team that is the tournament heavyweight. In earlier play, Iran steamrolled Jordan 94-50.

The top three national teams automatically qualify for the 2014 Basketball World Cup. Discuss the tournament with other fans in our Asia Championships of Basketball forum.

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  • It is about time the Taiwanese start using TAIWAN in all international plays. Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country that does not need to cater to Beijing as a slave. Taiwan is it’s own master.

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