Remember Michael Jordan’s triple double streak (10 in 11 games)?

Michael Jordan shoots against Detroit Pistons

With all the talk about LeBron James‘ current run of five straight games of 30 points at the 70% clip and how it may be the best stretch of games in NBA history – some may have forgotten Michael Jordan‘s insane run of triple-doubles during the 1988-89 season.

In an experimental move by head coach Doug Collins, the Bulls moved Jordan to point guard for part of the season and as only Jordan can, he responded with 10 triples doubles in 11 games. Β (edit: okay, maybe Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird could have, if they were so challenged).

Seattle Supersonics W 03/25/1989 21 12 12
Golden St. Warriors W 03/28/1989 33 12 11
Milwaukee Bucks W 03/29/1989 32 10 10
Cleveland Cavs L 03/31/1989 37 10 10
New Jersey Nets W 04/02/1989 27 14 12
Charlotte Hornets W 04/04/1989 33 10 12
Detroit Pistons L 04/06/1989 31 13 10
Detroit Pistons L 04/07/1989 40 7 11
Atlanta Hawks L 04/09/1989 40 10 12
Indiana Pacers L 04/13/1989 47 11 13
New Jersey Nets L 04/14/1989 29 10 12
5-6 33.6 10.8 11.4

michael jordan defends lebron james
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In that eleven game run, Jordan averaged 33.6 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 11.4 assists. Mr. Jordan would finish that season with a total of 15 triple-doubles, three short of Magic Johnson‘s record of 18 in one season, and way short of Oscar Robertson’s amazing 41 triple doubles back in the 1962 season.

As amazing as Jordan’s stretch was, there was one glaring problem – the Chicago Bulls were just 5-6 in that span. In comparison, LeBron’s five games have all resulted in wins – let’s see if LeBron can keep up his pace.


  • kellie kell

    lebron will never be as good as micheal jordan because he is one of the best !

  • The G.O.A.T

  • Andrew Smith

    Have to remember too, that standard of the NBA was higher back then. Watching the modern NBA you can see that in every game…MJ simply the greatest player of all time

  • Quit with the MJ comparisons already. James is a great player, but he isn’t Jordan and never will be. It’s funny how people forget how great MJ was! It’s just stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Mike is god of basketball

  • MJ is the man. Kobe is amazing. Lebron is amazing. MJ was the example, the front-runner. No need to compare. They played in different era’s with different defenses, rules, etc. Its like comparing Barry Sanders to Joe Montana….no need to compare. All are incredible athletes.

  • Lebron and MJ are too different a player to compare. However, this just shows how overrated Kobe is. Kobe Johnson? Lol, all the Lakers’ idiots went nuts at his little assist stretch. Call me when Kobe doesn’t ever loose a final’s series. Wins 6 FMVPs, or 6MVP. And delusional Kobe lovers that know Mike is clearly better still say irreverent nonsense like “well, Kobe is a better scorer.” Really? Is that why Kobe has 10 scoring titles like Mike?! Hilarious!

    MJ accomplished more in less time, and retired at the top twice. Kobe will never do that either. By any measure, PER or win shares, MJ is clearly superior. It is ridiculous to mention Kobe in the same sentence.

  • jarell beatty

    Jordan is da greatest player of all time… but u hav 2 giv credit 2 Mr. James as well cuz im pretty sure he said once in his life time i wanna b lik MIKE or when he playn bball he metion im goin 2b micheal jordan
    But da truth is der both good players in da NBA

  • Anonymous

    i dont see in my lifetime would replace mj as the greatest. im 35 now who knows 60 yrs after there will be one.. visit my grave and tell me

  • Julius Bridges Jr

    ” Someone ..” fresh ” , will soon come along !As always.. ” Its a matter of time ” ! There were those that thought.. ” There will NEVER be anyone as dominant as ” THE DOCTOR ” ! ENTER M.J.! .. all things , pass with time ! Sports fans .. within the last 30 years , have been blessed to have witnessed some of the GREATEST , from Ali , to Barry Sanders , and Deion Sanders , form Carl Lewis , to Bolt ( .. and , he’s no where near through ) 1 so .. just enjoy , and ” chill ” on the comparisons ! WE ARE BLESSED , to have WITNESS-ED , THE GREATEST .. of all times !”

  • Im a huge Jordan and Bulls fan. Have been for about 22 years. As much as I cant stand Lebron, using MJ as an example of 10 triple doubles in 11 games is crap compared to Oscar Robertsons entire SEASON averaging a triple double. How come O never gets his respect? He damn near averaged a triple double for his career and was a gaurd. Still MJ is the greatest of all time. If he had played in those days he probably would have averaged 70ppg, 20apg, 25rpg, and 15spg. Im not even exagerating. πŸ™‚

  • what noone has mentioned is that in his day it was harder to score. Not only was handchecking still ok but they used to punish Jordan for driving in (especially the pistons. Nowadays if they even think of fowling Kobe or Labron hard its a flagrant.

  • Anonymous

    In the one game he didn’t get a triple double he only missed it by three boards…. insane

  • That was done when hand-checking was allowed as well.

  • Anonymous

    there’s no way lebron can match mike’s skills..

  • Basketball back then was differently played and watched. People who grew up watching it then, know how Jordan played and loved the game. There is no comparison to today’s players or game played today. Players then were playing because they loved the sport, players now play because of money. Players then were drafted from university’s and players now picked up from the street.

  • Fuck lebron he well never be as good as Jordan

  • I really wish I wasn’t so young, but I was grade/high school during the glory days. I lived a mere train ride away from the games. It was awesome. I got to see him several times, though I wish I was a little older to remember it more.

  • All hail Michael Jordan, simply the best ever!

  • Goden TNG

    Simply the best.

  • Jordan is the handsdown G.O.A.T. and so is we are the top choice for league play,tournaments,exposure camps and basketball skills training.

  • PLEASE FIX your glaring factual error in this article. Doug Collins was the Bulls coach that season, Phil Jackson didn’t take over until 1991.

  • Phil Jackson wasn’t the Bulls head coach that season.

  • Michael Jordan is still the king….nobody is like him, no LJ, no KB, nobody!!! The show that Michael Jordan gave us was unbelievable!

  • Guys, Micheal jordan IS basketball,He is the greatest and will always be. If you forgot how great he was just go back on his videos and see the difference yourself. there is no comparison

  • geronimo x

    everyone is jus silly wit the comments good or bad, an yes good points were sprinkled in ooooohwooowooo! bottom line is jordan was the example an set a bar, an as he said kobe is the only player ya’ll can compare to him, because his airness knows kobe is better than him, kobe is the goat jordan a close .01 second everyone else debatable after that. kobe played in a better era an emulated what mike did an more. kobe is the only one one to win with mike an lebron in the league as players….they watched him get crowned…

  • Definitely agree with what Monty was saying. The quality of players in the NBA today is not what it was in Jordan’s time. There are too many players in it today that don’t have the passionate drive they did back then. Few players play both sides of the court. Few teams play as a team. Everyone is out there trying to be the next Jordan or at least market themselves as a strong individual player. It would be interesting to see how Lebron would have played 20-30 years ago. He certainly would have been a good player, but to compare him to the greatest is just the NBA weazing today trying to say they still have that kind of glory. Sadly, they don’t even come close.

  • @jamzzz

    To be fair, though, when teams would foul Jordan hard, they were able to put him on the floor. When teams foul Lebron hard, they’re the ones that end up hurt. That could be part of the reason people don’t go after him as much (or we just don’t notice the hard fouls because Lebron stays on his feet). Don’t get me wrong – I’d take Jordan over Lebron, but that dude is a freaking freight train, which is something Jordan didn’t have going for himself.

  • Amir Banjara Chhetri

    Michael Jordan is inspirational icon for all rather lebron.

  • Pablo Diaz

    You can’t compare two different players. Is like comparing Jerry Rice to Joe Montana or Barry Sanders to Tom Brady. And is not the same to compare different eras. ex. Roger Federer to Borg or Sampras. Not only did Michael Jordan play a game of Basketball so beautiful that was above everything. But he changed basketball, he created a brand that nowadays after years of his retirement makes millions of dollars. He helped basketball to be global in an era without social media and internet. To be the Greatest of All Time you need to be above everything on and off the court and not only statistics. There are players with more championships, more MVP’s but the only one consider the greatest of all time is MJ. “His legacy is one of personified greatness”

  • air jordan is the best nothing can compare on him..

  • Magpie Rick

    What’s the Big Deal??? Oscar robertson “The Big O” averaged a triple for a WHOLE season! Everybody carries on about these new “Mini and made up records”.

    These players today do something for 5 minutes and think it is great….. only for contract negotiations!

    Great game, great history, get over it!!

  • Anonymous

    Lebron have WADE, BOSCH, RAY ALLEN by his side… How about Jordan?

  • Lebron made it thanks to his teammates: RAY ALLEN, DWAYNE WADE, CHRIS BOSH, SHANE BATTIER, RASHARD LEWIS, MIKE MILLER, CHALMERS… How about Jordan? Pippen was at his’ 2nd year pro…

  • Lebron James is a great player in today’s NBA. Jordan was insane to watch though. Jordan did things players never dreamed of doing. I loved watching the NBA as a kid. Now I could care less. It is so boring to watch now. There are good players but it isn’t the same game. It is all about the money now. Jordan practically played for free. (I said practically). He was a team player. Lebron went where the money was. With inflation, let’s see Lebron play for the same amount of money Jordan did??? No way. Lebron is a great guy and does a lot for the community, but frankly I would rather watch some good college basketball. They still play with their hearts.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting to me that the Bulls had a losing record in this amazing streak of triple doubles. & it doesnt say wat his % from the field was. MJ is still the greatest tho

  • Call me when basketball is not a team sport.

  • Has anyone metioned the difference in teamates? Look at what Jordan had to work with……nobody really. The Heat are stacked. Lebron is good no question, but no comparison in any category. Make him go left….enough said.

  • People seem to forget that Jordan started as Olympic champion at college in 1984 and won 1992 Olympic games as professional, as well..

  • Man Lebron would treat Michael jordan like he treat these other little guys on the court. He will just bully him because he just to small for him simple fact about.

  • MJ will always be the best player for me… He created the game and brought a deeper meaning to the word basketball by being passionate with what he do. Also, he stays with his team even it took awhile before he won his first NBA Championship…

  • @geronimo x

    what makes you said that MJ knows KB is better than him? Has he every mention it? Hint it? Just because he said Kobe is the only one can be compare against him doesn’t mean he said Kobe is better than him. Can be compare to as in Kobe is the only one that comes close. All the stats are facts that MJ is the best, from scoring average, efficiency and titles, to rebound, to assists, to steals, to MVPs, and every imaginable stats categories with exception of single game scoring. But than MJ came out and said he would probably score a 100 points in today’s league if he wants to which is a big indication that he DOES NOT think Kobe is better by scoring 81 points in a game. There are so many points I have to write that I would have to write a few pages to cover everything I can think of why Jordan is better than Kobe, than everybody else for that matter. Just read this, this guy read my mind. πŸ™‚

    And one last time, if you have to say what’s Kobe’s great offensive move is, what would it be? The move that you would trust him to make to take the last second shot to win game 7 of the nba final? I can’t tell you that. How about Jordan? Fadeaway baby. I’ve always said to to people, the hardest play/move/shot to defend is the ones that you know are coming but still can’t stop it. Jordan’s fadeaway is definitely one, Kareem’s skyhook, Hakeem’s dream shake, and I put stockton and malone pick n roll for argument. But Jordan’s fadeaway is definitely the most unstoppable of them all. Just ask yourself honestly, for the last second game 7 situation, you rather have the Jordan fadeaway or Kobe fadeaway/iso/create off dribble/or whatever? There you go, you choose MJ fadeaway, I know you would. πŸ™‚ Thanks for agreeing.

  • MJ played basketball better than anyone else does anything.

  • in the stats above, 21 is the lowest ???…

    thats a monster small shooting guard !

  • Too all the people saying Fuck James. It is not him that is comparing himself to Jordan it is us that are doing it. Why do we have to compare them. Great players are just great too watch, I love watching James and KD and Kobe and so many more.

  • Also Lebron did not go where the money is that doesn’t even make sense. His brand is worth more than he makes playing ball and he took a pay cut to play in Miami.

  • Im sorry, whos this lebron james character?

  • No one is or has ever been anywhere near as good as Jordan in his prime. Lebron is great. Kobe is great. Many others are also, But MJ rules this game.

  • The thing that sets Michael Jordan apart is the same thing that made Kobe (in his prime) a better player than LeBron. Before you hate, I’m not saying Kobe is as good as Jordan… NO ONE IS… But even Jordan said it himself… If you’re going to compare anyone to being “The closest thing to Jordan”, it was Kobe.
    James is easily the more skilled player, but skill doesn’t mean better… Jordan and Kobe had such a desire to win… And such a disdain to lose. Yes, Kobe lost 2 finals… But even Jordan took seven years to win his first one.
    Picture this… Yes, Kobe had Shaq and Jordan had Pippen (and in the second threepeat, Rodman)… But those were all they had. They won with good roleplayers, and only one other “superstar”… LeBron has two superstars… And he STILL lost a finals. Why? Not because of his supporting staff… but because he disappeared in the fourth quarter of those games. He doesn’t have the “Killer Instinct”… and that’s what my whole post is about… That’s what set Jordan apart from everything else… what makes Kobe the closest thing to Jordan the game has seen since…

    It’s about Killer Instinct.

  • About above post… Before you all throw Horace Grants name into the mix of what Jordan had in the first threepeat… Tell me this… What did Grant do in Orlando after leaving Chicago?

    Grant did nothing… His team made him in Chitown…

  • Comparing barry with Montana doesn’t make sense anyways. Barry was a running back and Joe was a quarterback. Lebron is a beast. So was Jordan. If they played in the same era Jordan would’ve won but bearly. Only diff is Lebron’s percentages are way better than Jordan’s were.

  • mitchell squire

    king james is better than mj, mj is old news king james is the now and the forever greatest player LeBron inspires me to try the hardest I can I learn moves from him he is the all time greatest player in nba history

  • No one is better than Jordan. Also, Lebron weighs 80-90 pounds more than jordan. Not to mention, MJ took 2 years off. Imagine if he never took 2 years off, and he didn’t retire super early….10 Ships, 10 Rings. Lebron will have taken more shots, and played more minutes than Jordan by the time he retires and still won’t accomplish what MJ did. Lebron doesn’t even get scoring titles. Kevin Durant has months scoring title 4 times in the past 5 years. Lebron also startted his Rookie Year avg. 36 mins a game. MJ came off the bench 20 minutes a game avg 23 points a game Rookie Season. Lebron played when he was 18, MJ played when he was 21. MJ took 2 years off so essentially Lebron will have 5-8 more years of playing than MJ.

  • What moves you learn from Lebron Mitchell? Lebron has no moves, he weighs 270 pounds all muscle. Lebron has 1 move….drive to the basket, duck my head and I am strong enough to run people over and dunk.

  • Bugs Bunny

    would you know horace grant, will perdue, john paxton or steve kerr if bulls didnt make the 2-3peats? would you know know scottie pippen if Michael jordan is not with Bulls? did dennis rodman scored 30points/game?

    compare the players from miami like dyane wade, chris, laker’s howard, nash, jamison to Bull’s players….

    It seems that MJ did greater inspiration from his team mates vs. kobe and lebron…..

    MJ also created the Nike air jordan! how many air jordans now? Even he is not playing anymore, those shoes are still expensive and being used by the NBA players including Carmelo Anthony!!! πŸ™‚

    Who is better now?

  • MJ vs LeBum one on one, although LeFlop might be bigger do to steroids mike will still find ways to get around him and win, Mike was a tactical basketball genius LeBron just goes to the rim with his size no skills, mike had mittens for hands he could have blocked LeBum a million times.

  • LeBron is just a smaller Shaq with a better free throw shooting percentage, they both just drive to basket with size and no skills

  • all u guys are idiots saying no one will ever be as good as jordan. lebron is an all around player and makes his team better thats why his team is stacked becuase he made them better. jordan did garbage by himself until he got pippen dennis rodman a moster rebounder and steve kerr one of the best shooters of all time. idiots

  • Who won a championship in their rookie season and finals MVP? One and only!!! Best ever!!

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