Kevin Durant joins Bird, Nowitzki, Nash in 50-40-90 Club

Steve Nash, Reggie Miller and Larry Bird are in the 50-40-90

Kevin Durant had a spectacular 2012-13 season for the Oklahoma City Thunder. His play has OKC as top team in the NBA.


It won’t be a surprise if Durant continues his current play, he’ll be the MVP this season. But there’s more. If Durant can keep up his scoring efficiency, he will join an elite group of players in the 50-40-90 club. Exactly halfway through this NBA season, Durant is averaging 29.5 points per game -shooting 51.6% from the field, 40.4% from three, and 90.9% from the free throw line.

At just 24 years old, Durant is having his best season thus far – his 29.5 points and 7.5 rebounds are both just a notch under his career highs (30.1 and 8.0). KD is putting up career bests in assists, steals, blocks and across the board in shooting percentages – of which could put Durant in impressive company.

[UPDATE: Durant kept it up and joined the 50-40-90 club]

Durant joined Larry Bird, Mark Price, Dirk Nowitzki, and Reggie Miller in the 50-40-90; expanding the club to six players in NBA history that have shot better than 50% from the field, 40% from three, and 90% from the line for the entire season. Here they are:

50-40-90 Shooting Club
Player Season FG% 3P% FT% PPG
Larry Bird 1986–87 52.5% 40% 91% 28.05
Larry Bird 1987–88 52.7% 41.4% 91.6% 29.93
Mark Price 1988–89 52.6% 44.1% 90.1% 18.85
Reggie Miller 1993–94 50.3% 42.1% 90.8% 19.92
Steve Nash 2005–06 51.2% 43.9% 92.1% 18.85
Dirk Nowitzki 2006–07 50.2% 41.6% 90.4% 24.56
Steve Nash 2007–08 50.4% 47% 90.6% 16.93
Steve Nash 2008–09 50.3% 43.9% 93.3% 15.68
Steve Nash 2009–10 50.7% 42.6% 93.8% 16.46
Kevin Durant 2012-13 51.0% 41.6% 90.5% 28.1


As you can see above, Steve Nash, the two-time NBA MVP has accomplished the feat an astounding four times.

Larry Bird did it twice – both times averaging more than 28 points per game. Bird barely missed doing it a third time during the 1985-86 season when he shot 49.6% from the field and 89.6% from the free throw line.

Larry Bird concentrates to shoot a free throw

Dirk Nowitzki accomplished his 50-40-90 season in 2006-07, the same season he won the NBA MVP award. Reggie Miller and Mark Price both have done it once.

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