10 items to consider when betting on a sports team online

When it comes to money floating around the internet, nothing beats the fast-paced and rapidly growing world of online gambling. Now, in the age of smartphones and legal sports betting, the chances of betting and winning are limitless. 24/7 access is the norm.

Do you think you’re primed and ready to press “bet”?  Online sports betting is as easy as a click, so before you jump in, here are the 10 items to consider when it comes to sports betting on the internet.

1.    Study The Sport

If you’re trying to win some serious cash, and not just get lucky one evening on a whim, you need to seriously know the sport you’re betting on inside and out. Know the calls, know the fouls, and know the rules. But most importantly, know what it takes to be a great team. Take a look at the NFL’s Cleveland Browns in 2019.

They have some of the most amazing players with Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr, and Kareem Hunt. Despite this, they’re a below-average team. Compare this to the 2019 San Francisco 49ers: they don’t have a single superstar standout, yet they took it to the Super Bowl. Knowing the mechanics of teams and how they maneuver within the sport is the difference between profits and loss.

2.    Don’t Get Tied Down To Your Team

If you grew up with a home team, it’s best to do away with that mentality if you’re trying to win some money. Sticking with your team means you’ll always have a bias when it comes to doling out cash. We humans have a strange sense of loyalty to things like teams. They don’t know us. They have no idea that we exist. Yet being a fan or not influences so many of our rookie bets that we may as well just avoid betting on them altogether.

3.    Try Out Different Books

The internet has so many options where you can pick and choose who you want to place bets with. There are the entry-level Fantasy Sports leagues, meant for first-timers and people more into the camaraderie of fantasy betting. Aside from the internet, you can also download some android apps for betting that have been incredibly popular in the past few years, then there’s the Mega888 app and the high-level stakes of real, international sportsbooks.

Depending on your skill level and your experience, you can move and shop around between different sportsbooks. Find out which one works for you and which has the most options in the sports you want to throw money in.

4.    Study The Markets

There are thousands of ways to bet online in so many different fashions and the most popular of which is the proposition bet, or “prop” bet. These bets simply mean that an event happens or does not happen, in the sequence or a time frame that is agreed upon.

For instance, you can bet on a team to be in the lead on both the halftime mark and the full-time mark. This is called an HT/FT bet. There’s also the famous “over-under” which is used as betting man’s measure of how many points or rounds the betting community feels they can win. They even go as far as “what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach.”

5.    Use Your Head, Not Your Heart

This is a staple in every money endeavor to study the subject, look at the facts, don’t go with what your heart says. This includes gut instinct, a fallacy perpetuated by superstitious folk and the uninformed. Sure, you can apply it to life situations and personal experience, but not when it comes to betting. Leave that kind of talk at mimosa brunch.

6.    Pick And Choose Your Battles

If you’re not confident in your ability to call a game, don’t bet. It may be the biggest sporting event in history. It could be the World Cup or the Olympic 100 meter dash. If you don’t have a handle on the odds, don’t do it. The rush is palpable, sure. But you’re here to make money, not revel in “I told you so.”

7.    Check Out Obscure Sports

Football fan? Check out Muay Thai. Golf fan? Try studying Water Polo. There’s an advantage you garner when checking out more obscure sports. You’ve got your rugby and your pool, sure. The betting lines and complexities of those big sports have analyst-driven numbers and giant masses of cash flow.

If you look into the more obscure sports, you can get a more intimate look at what is going on and bet some real money on a few lesser-known markets. Also, it’s a great time watching small-cap sports.

8.    Odds and Ends

Look at the odds to know the participants well enough, you can see cracks in the expert analysis. This is apparent in fight sports more than anywhere. Take the first Andy Ruiz VS. Anthony Joshua fight. Everybody had Joshua winning by knockout. Everybody had Joshua, who resembles a comic book superhero more than your everyday guy, completely dominating the pudgy, lesser-known Andy Ruiz.

What people don’t know was Andy Ruiz is a complete nightmare for people like Joshua. He gets inside, covers up, and attacks with powerful short bursts of energy. Also, Joshua had been knocked out in camp, which decreases one’s chances of maintaining an iron chin. All of this was known. Very few used their mind over their heart. The odds were massively in favor of Joshua, who lost.

9.    Don’t Get Caught in the Minutiae

People love to throw out stats. Anything that has a tiny slight edge can be ruled out as noise. Sports may be heavy on the numbers, but remember, numbers and scores are recorded after the fact. What matters are the factors that will determine the round, match, or season. Injuries are big and matter to the player. So does the number of times they practice. Their shoe contract doesn’t matter.

10. Lose Like A Champ

If you lose, you lose. If everyone won all the time, there would be no sportsbook. Face it, gambling is a business because numbers favor the house on the overall by a margin of roughly 1%. Globally, that translates to billions. So if you lose, don’t double down in anger. Relax, recalculate, study, and place your bets wisely.

With casinos giving you access via your smartphone and payouts regularly hitting the millions, it’s easy to understand why people love online sportsbooks. They can regularly make you a lot of money in short amount of time, and anyone can join. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, sign up and try your hand. Let all that sports knowledge and mental math ability work for you.

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