L.A. Clippers to wear Buffalo Braves throwback jerseys for select games

It’s been a big off-season for the Los Angeles Clippers and things keep looking up as the team just unveiled their alternate Buffalo Braves throwbacks. And the internet is pretty excited about the vintage uniforms. We agree, the overall design feels both retro and modern all at once. We love it.

Since the Buffalo Braves debuted in 1970, this means that this season marks the 50th year anniversary of the franchise history. As of this post, there’s no announcement of when and what the Clippers will celebrate, but this is a good start. If we’re being technical, the Braves’ first season was 1970-71 season so this is technically their 49th season. If that matters.

In their eight years of existence in Buffalo, they had quite an impact on the NBA with stars Bob McAdoo, Ernie DiGregorio, and Adrian Dantley, all three won NBA Rookie of the Year awards in the organization’s short stay in New York.

Throwback Jerseys with a Long History

The Buffalo Braves have an interesting history. Not only how the team arrived in Buffalo, but how the team ended up on the West Coast is an interesting tale that could never happen in today’s league.

Obviously the team was once based in Buffalo (that’s in the state of New York for you geography-challenged) and was an only an active NBA team for less than a decade; from 1970-78 when Irv Levin, then the owner of the Boston Celtics dreamed of moving his franchise to the West coast where he was a film producer.

Levin’s personal wants and needs couldn’t justify the obvious weight and history of taking the Celtics out of Boston. So in an unprecedented move, Levin made a deal to trade (!) franchises with then-Buffalo Braves owner John Brown, Jr.. That deal allowed Levin to move the Braves to Southern California, ultimately becoming the San Diego Clippers. The San Diego Clippers would moe to L.A. in 1984 where they’re now owned by the effusive Steve Ballmer. Phew

The release of the NBA throwback jerseys are a collaboration between the Clippers and Nike, and the two did a dope job bringing back to life the Buffalo Braves color pallet, logo and design. Pre-orders for the items are available at the LA Clippers store. It’s going to be dope to see for Lou Williams, Paul George, Montrezl Harrell, and Kawhi Leonard balling out in the black and orange unis.

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