Russell Westbrook in Houston Rockets jersey after leaving Oklahoma City Thunder

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Just when you thought it was safe to take a breath after dozens of impact signings has rocked the NBA, the craziest NBA free agency period exploded with two more superstars exchanging jerseys.

Last night, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook would be traded for Chris Paul. That would place Westbrook in a Houston Rockets jersey partnering next to former Oklahoma City teammate and another former MVP in James Harden.

Russell Westbrook Rockets Jersey

We’re reeling from this move and the idea of seeing Westbrook in the Houston Rockets red and white colors still seems so odd. To view the official Russell Westbrook Rockets jerseys at the NBA Store, go here. Otherwise, scroll down to view the uniforms that are out in the wild.

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The days following the trade, we were uncertain that Westbrook will choose to wear his signature #0 jersey number with the Rockets. Last year, Marquese Chriss wore jersey #0, but as we can tell from the official NBA Store, Westbrook got his number – no surprise there. Here’s a couple of early mock ups of Brodie in Houston colors:

westbrook houston jersey

Represent the Houston Rocket’s unique colorways with Westrbrook’s authentic or replica jersey from Nike. Either uniforms shows off the franchise’s classic graphics and trims along with Dri-FIT technology. Stay on top of the Houston Rockets team shop to see when the Russell Westbrook becomes officially available.

Will Westbrook and Harden Work Though?

After taking some time to let another big time move sink in, this move doesn’t make sense to a lot of NBA followers as it places two ball-dominant players next to one another and both players aren’t known to be great off-the-ball players. Westbrook isn’t that great of a shooter to be sitting in a corner off a Harden drive and kick and Harden tends to idle when the ball isn’t in his hands.

Yes, the Rockets-Thunder trade solves the reported chemistry and personality problems between Harden and Chris Paul, gets Paul’s huge contract off the Rockets’ books and provides a last ditch effort for both Westbrook and Harden to grab a championship near their playing primes.

All that said, another year of Paul and Harden — no matter their issues together — still had Clint Capela, P.J. Tucker, Austin Rivers and the rest of the Rockets as one of the league’s top contenders and most certainly in the Western Conference top tier.

The sentimentthe day after is adding an explosive ingredient like Westbrook into the mix has a better chance of blowing up the team than a shift in what we know of Westbrook or Harden that adds a magical element to propel the Rockets. Obviously, the hope of the Rockets organization is that the latter happens and that we’re all eating our words.

No doubt the pairing is intriguing and the thought of those two working with each other seamlessly would be a problem for the rest of the league.

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