Paul George’s Clippers Jerseys are now available in the NBA Store

How dramatically has the NBA landscape changed in the matter of a few weeks? The combination of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard leaving the Oklahoma City and Toronto for an already very good Los Angeles Clippers team contributed to the complete shift of which teams are the contenders going into next season.

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Playing in Los Angeles, where George grew up nearby, isn’t just one of the league’s biggest markets, it also happens to be the second most populous city in the United States. That means there will be plenty of fans clamoring for Paul George Clippers jerseys.

Paul George Clippers Jerseys

Previously the only Paul George Clippers jerseys that were available came in only blue. Now more of George’s L.A. jerseys are available at, you can go there to view them or scroll down this page to see large high-resolution images of the PG13 jerseys available.

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Paul George Clippers jersey

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Blue Paul George jersey for Los Angeles Clippers

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As far as what jersey number Paul George will wear, he’s worn #13 with both the Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder. Since the NBA Store is selling his Los Angeles Clippers jersey with #13, that means Paul George will still be PG13 in L.A.  Previously, Prior NBA journeyman and the Polish Hammer Marcin Gortat claimed the Clippers’ #13 jersey.

Kawhi or PG13? Who Will Sell More Clippers Jerseys?

Paul George and Kawhi both play the same position, we don’t foresee an issue with the two working well together considering what we know of the two players’ approach to the game and personalities.

Let’s say we’re three months into the NBA season and the re-tooled Los Angeles Clippers are one of the top five teams in the NBA led by Paul George and Kawhi, which of these two star players will sell the most Clippers jerseys? No offense to Lou Williams, but George and Leonard are clearly the two most-dynamic players on the team. No doubt that it’ll be the two small forwards superstars leading the Clippers. It simply might come down to which player averages the most points.

Whoever is leading the team in scoring or provides the most highlights, we know that both jerseys will both be on the NBA’s list of top-selling jerseys from the get-go.

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