Top Selling NBA Jerseys of the 2014 NBA Season

Best Selling NBA Jerseys: 2014

The 2014 NBA season marked the second year in a row that LeBron James was the top-selling jersey in the association. This season also saw 9 of the 15 most-popular jerseys sold belonging to an NBA Playoff team. No losers, please. For the 2013-14 NBA season, The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and the Laker’s Kobe Bryant were second and third in terms of the best sellers. Rounding out the best five were two up-and-coming point guards in Chicago’s Derrick Rose and Stephen Curry of the Warriors. The following list are the top selling NBA jerseys by player.

Top 15 Most Popular NBA Jerseys of 2014
1 LeBron James Miami Heat
2 Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
3 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
4 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls
5 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
6 Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks
7 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
8 Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers
9 Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers
10 James Harden Houston Rockets
11 Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers
12 Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
13 Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics
14 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs
15 Paul George Indiana Pacers

With 20/20 vision, this is a really solid list. With the benefit of being able to look back, almost each one of these players are a lock for the  NBA Hall of Famer. No outliers, really. The only two questionable players are Griffin and Rondo.

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