The 15 Players with the Top Selling NBA Jerseys for 2013

Top Selling NBA Jerseys for 2013

At the end of the regular season for 2013, the NBA announced the 15 top-selling jerseys for the season. Carmelo Anthony overtook LeBron James for the top spot. And Melo was the first Knicks player to top the list of jersey rankings since the list was released in the 2001-02 season.

Top 15 Most Popular NBA Jerseys
1 Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks
2 LeBron James Miami Heat
3 Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
4 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
5 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls
6 Deron Williams Brooklyn Nets
7 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
8 Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics
9 Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers
10 Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers
11 Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers+
12 Dwight Howard Los Angeles Lakers
13 Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
14 Amar'e Stoudemire New York Knicks*
15 Paul Pierce Boston Celtics

Carmelo taking the title isn’t a surprise, but it’s questionable how the NBA gathers this data seeing as they compile the list based off the combined sales at the NBA Store in New York City, as well as from the beginning of the regular season (November of the previous year) to April of 2013. Not exactly fair — we’d assume that New York Knicks gear is the top-selling and most-popular team in… New York. In any case, LeBron came in second while Kevin Durant was in third place.

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