The Best Selling NBA Jerseys of 2006

The NBA’s Top-Selling NBA Jerseys: 2006

The NBA released their top selling jerseys for the 2005-06 season and Dwyane Wade of he Miami Heat sold the most jerseys through official NBA channels. He was followed by fellow 2003 NBA draftees LeBron James (#2) and Carmelo Anthony (#8). Third on the list was the Philadelphia 76er’s Allen Iverson, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and the Knicks’ Stephon Marbury.

It’s no surprise that Wade topped the 2006 list. He had a career year teaming up with Shaquille O’Neal and his 2006 NBA Finals performance was one for the history books.

The 25 Players that Sold Most NBA Jerseys in 2006

2006's Top Selling NBA Jerseys
Rank Player Team
1 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
2 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
3 Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers
4 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
5 Stephon Marbury New York Knicks
6 Shaquille O’Neal Miami Heat
7 Tracy McGrady Houston Rockets
8 Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets
9 Vince Carter New Jersey Nets
10 Ben Wallace Detroit Pistons
11 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs
12 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks
13 Paul Pierce Boston Celtics
14 Steve Nash Phoenix Suns
15 Amaré Stoudemire Phoenix Suns
16 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves
17 Jermaine O’Neal Jermaine O’Neal
18 Ray Allen Seattle SuperSonics
19 Jason Kidd New Jersey Nets
20 Gilbert Arenas Washington Wizards
21 Steve Francis New York Knicks
22 Chris Paul New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets
23 Pau Gasol Memphis Grizzlies
24 Yao Ming Houston Rockets
25 Mike Bibby Sacramento Kings


TOP 10 TEAMS that sold most NBA Merchandise:
1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. New York Knicks
3. Miami HEAT
4. Philadelphia 76ers
5. Chicago Bulls
6. Boston Celtics
7. Detroit Pistons
8. Cleveland Cavaliers
9. San Antonio Spurs
10. New Jersey Nets

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers again maintained the top position when it came to the league’s Most Popular Team in terms of merchandise sales. Including this year, this is the Lakers’ sixth consecutive season leading the league in team sales. The New York Knicks, the league’s largest market franchise, was second on the list bolstered by Marbury and Steve Francis gear, while the 52-30 Miami Heat led by Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade sat third on the list.

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