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Luka Doncic #77 City Edition Jersey for the Dallas Mavericks (2019-20)

Averaging a near triple-double and breaking the Mavs’ franchise record for the number of triple-doubles in a season, Luka Dončić is enjoying one of, if not the best sophomore season in the history of the NBA. Every amazing performance feels like another effortless day at the office for the young prodigy. 

The Slovenian point guard plays in such a simple way that it makes it almost impossible not to fall in love with his game, and many fans and players have. Luka has the most All-Star votes out of any player in the NBA after the first round of voting..

The NBA has brought back the city edition jerseys, and with the way he’s playing, we should expect the Luka Dončić city edition jersey to be among the most popular uniforms at season’s ends after his jersey was among the 15 best-selling jerseys in the league his rookie season

Luka’s #77 City Jersey

The 2020 edition of the Dallas Mavericks city jersey was inspired by Deep Ellum, a neighborhood in Dallas known for its street art scene. 

With different shades of bright blue, inspired by the colors of Dallas’ skyline, dominate the jersey. Lime green can be found along the openings of the jersey, the stripes on the side, and around the white text on the jersey, the Mavs city jerseys have certainly been divisive with less than stellar reactions from both the fans and the media.

The word “Mavs” on the chest is written in a graffiti font which is another reference to the neighborhood that inspired the look of the jersey. Luka’s name and number 77 are written in their usual white font with the addition of some lime green bordering the number. Get your’s here.

There will be plenty of opportunities to see the Dallas Mavericks city jerseys in action because they will be featured in 22 games this season. 

Doncic Building His Own Legacy

Luka chose to wear #77 in the NBA after his favorite number (seven) was already taken by his teammate Dwight Powell.

At 20 years of age, Luka is blowing the collective mind of the basketball world on a nightly basis. Given his young age, his skills and experience will only continue to improve over his career. No doubt if Doncic can remain injury-free,, we are most-certainly looking at a future all-time NBA great.

Luka may have deserved a spot in the All-Star game last season, and he is certainly a lock for this season’s All-Star game. The jersey Luka will wear in what is probably his first All-Star season and never again may be a great piece of basketball history to add to your collection. 

If you’d like to add a Luka Dončić city jersey to your collection, you can pick one up at the official Dallas Mavs store.

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