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Here’s 3 reasons why Kawhi Leonard’s jersey will be the #1 NBA jersey sold next season

Kawhi Leonard has been an NBA star for the last several years, but due to his playing in one the NBA’s smaller markets, a well-publicized standoff with the San Antonio Spurs and his not being an outgoing or charismatic personality has hurt his brand and merchandise sales in the past. According to the, here’s where Kawhi’s jersey sales have ranked over the years:

Kawhi Leonard Jersey Sales by Year
Year Rank Team Number
2020 TBD Los Angeles Clippers No.2
2019 NR Toronto Raptors No.2
2018 #11 San Antonio Spurs No.2
2017 #6 San Antonio Spurs No.2
2016 #9 San Antonio Spurs No.2
2015 NR San Antonio Spurs No.2
2014 NR San Antonio Spurs No.2
2013 NR San Antonio Spurs No.2
2012 NR San Antonio Spurs No.2
2011 NR San Antonio Spurs No.2

As you can see Kawhi never got any higher than #6 in NBA jersey sales in 2017.

However since his move to the Toronto Raptors his profile has grown significantly. Not only did he provide the league with one of the most-iconic shots in NBA Playoff history, but he brought the city its first NBA championship and was named Finals MVP in the process. Even though he didn’t have one of the top 15 selling jerseys in 2019, no doubt Kawhi’s Toronto Raptors jersey was flying off the shelves as the Raptors advanced past the Philadelphia Sixers, Milwaukee Bucks then the Golden State Warriors.

Now that Kawhi has made the decision to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, he’ll be playing along with a solid Clippers squad that made the Playoffs in a tough Western Conference. Adding Kawhi to a team that already features Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell, and then bringing along Paul George makes the Clippers a real problem and one of the league’s top contenders for next season’s NBA title.

Kawhi Jersey Sales to Shoot Up in L.A.

What that means is that if the team lives up to expectations and bolstered by the fact that he’ll be playing in second most-populous city in the United States, Kawhi’s Clippers jerseys will shoot up into the top three jerseys sold in the league and has a really great shot at the #1 spot this coming season. In sum:

  1. Playing in Los Angeles
  2. Predicted to be a Title Contender
  3. He’s an NBA All-Star

It won’t be easy as the two players that have dominated the top-selling jersey lists the last six seasons will be in situations where they’ll be extremely visible in the 2019-20 season.

LeBron James will be playing for their in-city rivals. Along with Anthony Davis, who forced a trade out of New Orleans, expectations are high in L.A. something that LeBron has never had a problem meeting. While the talking heads are all predicting that Stephen Curry will be in a position to have another MVP caliber season. With the loss of Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets, an injury to Klay Thompson, and a somewhat retooled roster, Curry doesn’t have a choice but to be aggressive.

Still, we have our money on Kawhi to have the #1 best selling jersey next season.

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