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Thread: SK RIGA WOMEN "kristine vitola" HELP!!

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    Default SK RIGA WOMEN "kristine vitola" HELP!!

    hey guys,
    i met a girl named "kristine vitola" some days ago at a basketball tournament in vienna....
    she played in the u18 group for jugla and that team was really impressive (no wonder 5 or 6 of them are playing for the latvian national team).
    After a game i took a picture with kristine (she's 1,97m NO JOKE xD)
    and i just wanted to ask you if somebody could help me out with an email adress or something i can contact her....i forgot to ask her that day
    maybe someone knows her or has an email adress so i can send her the picture and ask her some stuff

    thanks for everyone trying to help me
    peace out and keep ballin'

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    Try searching in Google!
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