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Thread: Michael Ansley makes a history (?)

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    Default Michael Ansley makes a history (?)

    It really deserves an own topic, because of what happened yesterday (saturday) in Warsaw, where Polonia defeated Basket Kwidzyn 85-82. Not only hosts overcomed 20-points deficit from 3rd quarter, not only 4th quarter was a fascinating emotional piece of basketball to watch, but Michael Ansley scored 37 points.

    Why is it so remarkable? Because today he was celebrating (and damm, he had a good reason for it) his 42nd birthday!!! I've never checked statistics for the best single game in european leagues for player over35 years old (not mentioning over 40), but it has to be some kind of record.

    I know it's only a polish league, but when you are 42 years old and you are scoring 37 points against Andriej Urlep's team, than you are really a special player.

    Btw, after the game he was asked why he didn't score a 42 pts - "I should do it, and it didn't happen only because coach Urlep's teams are very good defensively"

    Happy birthday Mr Ansley!!!

    PS. Is there anybody here who remembers him from his NBA years, or maybe time he was playing for Unicaja?
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    I remember him from Darussafaka in TBL. But man, that seems like ages ago... He and Sean Green (?) were carrying Dacka high in those days... Absolutely great scorer.

    Edit: I found his stats from those days. He played 3 seasons with Dacka (1997-00).
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    Quite remarkable
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    a future hall of famer

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    Michael "BIG" Ansley always will be BIG !!!

    36 minutes, 37 points, 38 EVAL and 42 years wooow

    He is so good or pOlish league is so poor

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    Default ansley

    I saw Michael Ansley in college and NBA, he was a beast. Hard to believe he is still playing, I knew he went overseas but I though he was retired. He was an exceptional post player, not the most atheletic, he could not even dunk his first couple of years in college, but he was a hard worker and really turned into a good player. I am glad to see he is still playing, he was one of my favorite players from Alabama.

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    I do remember him from Unicaja time. He was an exceptional player, it´s unbelievable that he´s still playing !!!! Ansley and Kenny Miller were a perfect duo, both unicaja legends !

    We, unicaja fans, have really good memories about him, even about that buzzerbeater that he missed in the final against barcelona in 1995 ( if he did it, unicaja would have won its first league, unluckily he missed it) we all call it here "el triple de Ansley".

    there must be a video of youtube about his highlights about the time he was over here, i will find it tomorrow cause im damn tired now

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    he's cool guy, lately i watched him playing during streetball tournament in Warsaw

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