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Thread: PLEASE READ: Respect

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    Default PLEASE READ: Respect

    Dear members:

    With the Olympics here, I understand that emotions can run high.

    And it's more than acceptable to be proud of your team and a fan of your country, but not to the point of bashing other countries, their national teams, or their country's population or government. I recognize that sometimes, discussions go that direction, but it should be rare.

    In the past several weeks, I've seen a lot of unnecessary, extra-curricular, insults regarding not just the USA, but their culture, politics, etc. That stuff needs to stop. NOW.

    I shouldn't have to remind you that this is unacceptable behaviour. This is an international basketball website, with members from all parts of the globe and that includes the United States.

    I ask you please to be mindful of that fact when you're posting. Let's maintain Interbasket's integrity and keep the discussions at a high-level and part of that is being respectful to your fellow members, no matter where they are from.

    Cheers all, let me know of any questions.

    Stuart and the IBN squad.
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    Default great message

    this should hold true for all messages!!!nice work

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    Default @Stuart

    Tell them or Ban them....

    You forum has always been a respected one. And probably is the biggest European Basketball forum.

    keep pollutions out. Only Value
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    word, like the idea

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    where is stuart?
    "A nationality that easily feels wronged is an insecure one, and one that will be difficult to progress."-Anonymous

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