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Thread: Quarter-finals: Argentina vs Greece

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Lebowski
    Jocko Homo Spanoulis, with his retarded brain, the minus habens of Greece.

    There's only one name connected to the Greek failure: Vasilis Skatoulis (Skata=crap in Greek).
    Greece and Europe and not a so overrated, useless and crappy player since Papanikolaou. Now, it seems incredible, someone worst than Pap is here. Skatoulis! Skatoulis! Skatoulis!
    Spanoulis was the best player of this years greek national team. It s not a shame to admitt you were wrong you know. A big majority of the international users of this forum put spanoulis in the 10 best players of the tournament.

    But I guess you re the only one who understands basketball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by re5pectas
    Agh... I wanted overtime...
    So did I The game was really asking for it. It really could have gone either way considering the efforts. Finished watching the game and although I didn't watch all the games (nor the final yet), this might have been the best of the tournament. Greece reminded of the team that won Eurobasket in 2005 and that produced a miracle last year against Slovenia, except Papaloukas vanished into thin air. Argentina is always a pleasure to the eye, what else to say
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    I can't understand all the negativity about Spanilous? I thought he was the best player on the Greek NT team. He not only was an excellent shooter but showed some nifty one on one moves when he penetrated to the basket. But he can't do it alone, and the other guards like Diamantidis, Zisis & Pelakanos? were a bit disapointing. Especially Diamantidis, who apperantly is considered untouchable to critisim by Greek fans. Despite playing the longest minutes on the Greek NT, Diamanditis still only managed a paltry 6 ppg, and tied in assists with their shooting guard, Spanilous. He also commited 3 turnovers per game, and while he led the 2006 WC in steals, this time only managed 18th overall in that category in the Olympics.
    I thought where Greek did better was at center, Boroussis & Gliniadakis were very capable, allthough I guess you could say that Sofos game suffered, but hopefully he can be replace by Koufos somewhere down the line. Overall Greece still looks like one of the top teams in Europe. At least most of their best players still believe in playing for their NT. That does'nt seem to be the case with Serbia, and sadly Italy. Italy is now 1-3 in Euro group play, and their 3 main stars, Belinelli, Bargnami & Gallinari no where in site.

    But getting back to this game. I was surprised why the Greek coach did'nt go deep enough? He did'nt play 3 players and a fourth, Sofos, only played 4 min.. and despite, Bouroussis being the 2nd leading scorer for the team, he sat out most of the 2nd half in favor of the power fwd, Tsartsaris, in the middle. the other center, Gliniadakis, who actually had a good game against the US when he got to play, did'nt even get off the bench in the Argentine game.

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