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Thread: Where to watch World Olympic Qualifying Tournament

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    Default Where to watch World Olympic Qualifying Tournament

    From FIBA: link

    The semi-finals and final qualifying games, just as the quarter-finals were on Friday, are being shown in the United States and Mexico on the ESPN 360 website.

    There are now 47 territories showing the games. They are:


    Argentina - TYC Sports
    Brazil - ESPN, Sport TV, Bandeirantes Sport, Sport Interactivo
    Canada - The Score
    Mexico - ESPN 360
    Puerto Rico - CaribeVision/Channel 24
    USA - ESPN 360
    Venezuela - Telesur


    Indonesia - First Media
    Japan - JSport
    Korea - MBC/ESPN
    Philippines - Solar Entertainment

    Middle East/North Africa

    Algeria - Al Jazeera Sport
    Chad - Al Jazeera Sport
    Djibouti - Al Jazeera Sport
    Egypt - Al Jazeera Sport
    Libya - Al Jazeera Sport
    Tunisia - Al Jazeera Sport
    Morocco - Al Jazeera Sport
    Jordan - Al Jazeera Sport
    Lebanon - Al Jazeera Sport
    Mauritania - Al Jazeera Sport
    Bahrain - Al Jazeera Sport
    Saudi Arabia - Al Jazeera Sport
    Oman - Al Jazeera Sport
    Qatar - Al Jazeera Sport
    Somalia - Al Jazeera Sport
    Syria - Al Jazeera Sport
    United Arab Emirates - Al Jazeera Sport
    Yemen - Al Jazeera Sport
    Sudan - Al Jazeera Sport
    Iraq - Al Jazeera Sport
    Iran - Al Jazeera Sport
    Kuwait - Al Jazeera Sport
    Palestine including Gaza Strip - Al Jazeera Sport


    Austria - DSF
    Bosnia-Herzegovina - BHRT
    Cyprus - Lumiere TV
    France - Ma Chaine Sport
    Germany - DSF
    Greece - ERT
    Israel - The Sport Channel
    Liechtenstein - DSF
    Luxembourg - DSF
    Romania - Boom Sport One
    Slovenia - RTV SLO, Sport TV
    Switzerland - DSF
    Turkey - NTV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan van Grabski
    Thanks for link, Many TV channels working just fine for me. Just today thought, that it would be nice see this game and final.
    Catching some Zzzzs...

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    Thanks for the helpful list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart
    From FIBA: link
    Interesting how they ignored Lithuania on the list considering we are also a finalist (woot final 4). The main channel thats free to air for us is LRT

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