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Thread: Lithuanian talents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight forward View Post
    Seems like Dovydas Giedraitis boy actually making ACB Estudiantes rosters. Super cool. He delivered in all three exhibition game, in tonight's as well with 7pts in a disrupted game because of water leaks from the top of arena. I hope he won't wash the bench though. Playing plenty in some third or forth Spanish league worked wll for him, he obviously looked great for U19 till he sprained his ankle. But if he will actually get some consistent time in ACB, that would be huge for 19yo.

    What I like about him is that he basically already has everything. He has a complete skillset, no issues with the skillset basically. He's playing some real ball and has little issues. He can shoot, he can pass, he play D and he's smart. The good thing is that he can play both PG and SG. Maybe at D he might face some problems guarding super big SGs, but overall he's sturdy and he has fighters mentality.

    I'll count our younger NT members since 1992 and prospects that I see as potential NT long term material to see the possible perspective more clearly (have in mind such player as Paulius Valinskas do no qualify as he doesn't posses enough system IQ, efficient reliable skillset, defence presence to treat him anything much more than some gaps filler like Juskevicius, Milaknis, Gailius, Vasiliauskas and sort used to be)

    1992 Valanciunas, Ulanovas
    1993 Gudaitis
    1994 Lekavicius Grigonis

    1996 Sabonis

    1998 Kulboka, Masiulis, Sedekerskis
    1999 Brazdeikis
    2000 Sirvydis, Jokubaitis, D.Giedraitis

    2002 Tubelis, Marciulionis

    2004 Murauskas

    PS: Velicka and Jogela do not qualify, but damn close to it.
    velicka is a potential top scorer or even mvp of the lkl and he is 20, but thats not enough for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zalias View Post
    velicka is a potential top scorer or even mvp of the lkl and he is 20, but thats not enough for you?
    To me long term NT member should have all the package and very particular abilities. Since we are talking about PG, here it goes: basketball IQ and ability to embrace the system, make right decisions, control and switch offensive tempos, to bring consistent defensive effort.

    With Velicka as we discussed here plenty of times before there's few issues: he tends to go for crappy decisions and losing control of the team for some stretches, he loses defensive focus or simply lacks motivation at D at times and he's still crappy three point shooter. He needs to work on that. Other than that he's a very good passer, great slasher, good finisher in traffic, pretty good and complete athlete with good size. But above mentioned abilities separates long term EL/NT material from levels below that. Let's see if Velicka can work on his issues. There are reasons why Jokubaitis and not Velicka sticks with main Zalgiris team.
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