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Thread: 3rd place: Germany - Poland

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridirkulous View Post
    I remember vividly both 2001 (4th place) and the medals in 2002 and 2005. In 2005 it was a blowout in the final, but to be honest the way we lost the semifinals in 2001 against Turkey and in 2002 against Argentina still hurt like hell. You can find the games on YouTube if you want to catch up. But maybe it's just me who is a masochist here.

    I am the craziest Dirk fan. But somehow I also felt like this is the best basketball we have played in my memory of the NT. Great weeks, and I hope great years ahead. Funny feeling.

    Dennis Schröder gave two very moving interviews actually just after the last game both to MagentaSport and to RTL. Thank you guys for the wonderful tournament!!!!!
    From what I have heard and seen I can imagine. Very likeable teams, great fighting spirit and Nowitzki of course. I have recently watched the final against Greece and Papaloukas toying us, it was kinda devastating how one-sided the game was. Greece had a hell of a team, especially the backcourt would have been a joy to watch out of a neutral perspective. Besides that game, I have watched as well the seminfinal against Spain mutiple times, being able to fully reproduce the last minute. Nowitzki´s game winner will cross my mind for eternity. The name Türkoglu always come up as example why teams should foul when three points ahead. You could just say "Türkoglu" in that moments and everyone whould understand. Haha, I have a heart for basketball-related masochism. I assume, thereby you are able to enjoy the bronze medal even more.

    I should remember 2005 though, since I can even remember Carmelo Anthony´s and Chris Paul´s performances during the Olympics 2004. Maybe, because both of them became two of my favourite players. I didn´t know any better. I was just a kid. Two reasonable arguments, still, it doesn´t show good taste. It might get worse. Calderon and especially Navarro were my favourite european players back then and two, three years later Rudy Fernandenz evolved into something like my early and last teenage-idol. I worked hours to shoot and play like him. Well, I tried. Flopping was not on my agenda.

    So I guess you have as well sympathies for the Dallas Mavericks? I missed some golden years of his carreer, but not very much of the final series against Miami. It´s hard to play basketball like Dirk, but it´s easy to say "I would like to become a human being like Dirk." He is so humble, earth-grounded and funny, you have to love him. The future looks good, I agree. It will be super tough to repeat the outcome, but I think we have the potential to improve our overall tournament performance. Your overview in the other tread nailed it.

    Schröder has clearly matured over the last years. Nowadays, I really like him, even though I don´t like all of his habits and behaviours on the court like the gesture to the greek bench. I think that is the result of Schröder still having always a chip on his shoulder, ready to prove anyone how far he has come and prove those wrong, who thought/predicted he would not make it.

    Thank you so much for the additional congrats guys! It has already started to taste better.
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