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Thread: 2021-2022 CBA Season

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    Default 2021-2022 CBA Season

    Regular Season


    PPG Abdusalam Abdurishit of Xinjiang Flying Tigers 24.2
    RPG Tao Hanlin of Shandong Heroes 12.4
    APG Jamaal Franklin of Shanghai Sharks 11.3
    SPG Lin Ting-Chien of Tianjin Golden Lions 3.2
    BPG Gao Shiao of Qingdao Eagles 2.8


    Liaoning Flying Leopards 12W-1L
    Guangdong Southern Tigers 11W-2L
    Shenzhen Leopards 11W-2L
    Zhejiang Lions 11W-2L
    Shanghai Sharks 10W-3L
    Zhejiang Golden Bulls 10W-3L
    Guangzhou Long Lions 10W-3L
    Shanxi Loongs 9W-4L
    Beijing Ducks 8W-5L
    Beijing Royal Fighters 7W-6L
    Shandong Heroes 6W-7L
    Jilin Northeast Tigers 5W-8L
    Qingdao Eagles 4W-9L
    Jiangsu Dragons 3W-10L
    Sichuan Blue Whales 3W-10L
    Tianjin Golden Lions 3W-10L
    Xinjiang Flying Tigers 3W-10L
    Fujian Sturgeons 2W-11L
    Nanjing Monkey Kings 1W-12L
    Ningbo Fubang 1W-12L

    Week 1

    Tao Hanlin of Shandong Heroes 23.3pts 13.3reb 1.3blk

    Week 2

    Guo Ailun of Liaoning Flying Leopards 31.0pts 4.0reb 9.7ast

    Week 3

    Chen Ying-Chun of Guangzhou Long Lions 28.3pts 12.3ast

    Week 4

    Shen Zijie of Shenzhen Leopards 17.7pts 11.7reb 3.7blk

    Post Season


    Round 1

    Game 1

    Round 2

    Game 1

    Round 3

    Game 1
    Game 2
    Game 3




    Game 1
    Game 2
    Game 3
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