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Thread: Music (in your language)

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    Yesterday I saw these guys on "RTR Planeta" Channel, in a new year celebration program or something like that. I liked this song also but Maxim Galkin sang one alone after this, which was great but I couldn't find it.

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    Some Sayat Nova (1712-1795) song interpretations in Armenian:

    "Kamancha". This version is an interpretation by Nune Yesayan

    "Yes Qo Ghimete" interpreted by Charles Aznavour and his daughter

    "Dard Mi Ani Djan" from Sayat Nova interpreted by Hovhannes Badalian


    Talking about the Armenian singer Hovhannes Badalian (1924-2001), although not a Sayat Nova song, but a beautiful "Hazar Dari Ge Sbasem" (I'd wait a thousand years for you...)
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    Greek Songs by the Greek-Swedish band "Antique" made of Elena Paparizou and Nikos Panagiotidis

    Opa Opa

    Dinata Dinata

    Me Logia Ellinika

    Moro Mou

    Tora Tora

    Se Thelo

    Die for You (LIve - Eurovision 2001 for Greece)


    Helena Paparizou is lead singer of Antique. Some songs by her:

    Anapantites Klisis

    To Fili Tis Zois

    Katse Kala

    And some English hits from Elena Paparizou



    Light In Our Soul


    You're My Number One (video clip)

    You're My Number One (Live at Eurovision 2005)
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    I would like to add something here...
    Generally, rock is my thing, so here it is:
    EKV Great band from 80's, the golden age of ex-Yu rock scene.

    Vis Idoli, another great band...

    Something from Croatia, that I like...
    This one reminds me of my childhood, great!

    Natali Dizdar, something sensual...

    Back to Serbia, one of my fav bands, from beginning of 80's
    It' really shame that you can't understand words, coz they're great.

    And for the end, greatest band... I must go now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunOverHStreet View Post
    I would like to add something here...
    Generally, rock is my thing, so here it is:
    There are some really good rhythms in a lot of that music. EKV reminds me of Billy Idol.

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    French language songs by Quebec artist Céline Dion

    Ne partez pas sans moi (the Eurovision song for Switzerland)

    Pour que tu m'aimes encore

    Sous le vent (with Garou)

    Ziggy (Un garçon pas comme les autres)

    On ne change pas

    Des mots qui sonnent

    Je danse dans ma tete

    L'amour existe encore

    Fais ce que tu voudras

    I Believe In You (with Il Divo) - Céline's part is in French)
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    "Daleka obala" means "far away coast". Daleka obala is a Croatian rock band formed in Split, in 1988. Interesting and basketball related fact is that a drummer is Roko Ukić's father. Probably the best Croatian band, very popular in Balkan countries. Unfortunately they don't play together anymore.

    Zlatko Pejaković - Čerge

    Doris Dragović - Marija Magdalena (Eurovision 3rd place 1999)

    Doris Dragović - Željo moja (Eurovision 4th place 1986)

    Riva - Rock me baby (Eurovision winner 1989)

    Tomislv Ivčić - Stop the war

    Thompson - Bojna Čavoglave (legendary war song)

    Đani Maršan - Bože čuvaj HrvatskuGod save Croatia

    Gibonni - Zlatne Godine

    Parni Valjak - Sve još miriše na nju

    Parni Valjak - Ljubavna
    Hari Mata Hari - Lejla(Eurosong 3rd place 2006
    Croats consider him almost as Croat, he often plays here...

    Dino Dvornik - Afrika

    Oliver Dragojević- Cesarica

    Neno Belan & Đavoli - Vino noći

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    Something for the soul...

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    This guy just passed away last March 3 & has been buried today March 11. It's a big lost in the Philippine music industry. He's Francis Magalona, the one wearing KING 23 shirt.

    May you rest in peace brother.

    Kaleidoscope World - Francis Magalona feat. Parokya ni Edgar

    SuperProxy - Francis Magalona feat. Eraserheads
    Foot Match

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    C Jerome (1947-2000) died of cancer:

    Kiss Me

    C'est Moi

    ...and after so many years, fresh as today -- with Eve Angéli


    Dernier Baiser (Sealed with a Kiss cover)

    Quand la mer se retire

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    Xutos e Pontapes (Portugal)

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    Linda de Suza "Oh Malhao Malhao"

    Linda de Suza: L'Etrangere (The foreigner) in French

    Linda de Suza "Face a face"

    **Corrected from "de Sousa" to "de Suza" after reading comment below. Thanks. I stand corrected.


    ...and one from the great Amalia Rodrigues singing in French "Inchallah" (God willing -- an Arabic word)
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    It's actually "de Suza" worldbasketball
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    Some Arabic Songs from Lebanon:

    Wael Jassar "Al Jamr"

    Bassima "Ouyounou"

    Bassima "Yamo"

    Bassima "Shou Aabali"

    Elissa "Lebanese Night" (with Chris de Burgh)

    Melissa "Habibi (with Dr Alban)


    Arabic Songs from Egypt:

    Hisham Abbas "Nari Narien (Habibi Da)"

    Amr Dia "Nour el Ayn"

    Amr Diab "Amarain"


    Arabic song from Algeria

    Cheb Khaled "Chebba"


    Arabic Song from Tunisia

    Saber el Rubai "Sidi Mansour"


    Arabic Songs from Europe
    Milk and Honey "Didi" - a cover from Cheb Khaled

    Cheb Khaled and Cameron Cartio "Henna" (Arabic / Spanish)

    Ishtar "Sawah" (a cover version)


    Arabic Song from the United States
    Mili Mili World Music "Mili Mili" (Arabic / Portuguese)


    Greek Arabic Mix
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    One of the most recent videos. She is singing in Turkish.


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    In Turkish

    Resid Bebhudov "Bahar Sensiz"

    Zeki Müren "Bahcevan"

    Zeki Müren "Ah Bu Şarkıların Gözü Kör Olsun"

    Orhan Gencebay "Coban Kizi"

    Ismail YK "Allah Belani Versin"

    Tarkan "Dudu"

    Tarkan featuring Orhan Gencebay "Uyan"

    Kardeş Türküler "Denize Yakılan Türkü"

    Fuat Saka "Simdi Ne Yapar" (a cover of a Greek song from Nicos Papazoglu called "Kaneis edw den tragouda")
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