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Thread: 2021 FIBA U19 World Cup (Latvia, Jul 3-11)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopscoop View Post
    It is so funny how little most of the guys here know about basketball, unbelievable. As for the quality of play, US vs Ca was youth Basketball at the highest level. Individually, we had never a big on this skill level as Chet, defense, dribbling, passing, shooting, you name it. The ultimate unicorn.
    It absolutely wasn't - lanes were open like highways, noone boxed out. It was a constant running that went so irrational in 3rd quarter that Canada almost turned the thing around. Compare the US team of 2007 and 2013 and how they've played. No hard feelings but US vs. CAN was everything but highest level. As for Holmgren - always the same thing about bigs that can shoot. The upside is pretty clear - he will be versatile, he will be valuable on both ends but he won't be a player around whom teams will be build. Because centers simply aren't any more. And especially not those ones with Holmgren's constitution.

    Same discussion every time also in my country by analyzing Jokic. A center in FIBA basketball can't win games. He can't. Except his name is Pau Gasol before 10 years.

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    Grande Victoire for the US against France in the final. Have to love seeing a US youth team led by a fat guy who plays for Louisiana Tech and was not ranked on any of the big recruiting sites a year ago.

    I'll never understand teams down two points not fouling when there is only a five second difference between the game clock and shot clock. Especially in FIBA where you probably won't be able to call a timeout off a missed shot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fedfan
    Most ppl get childish when they lose.
    Quote Originally Posted by GuTO
    refs in games of Spain walks with literally poop in his pants afraid of the Spanish players

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