Hallo friends,

two days ago the groups of the U17 were drawn.

The strongest teams are besides the USA France, Canada and Turkey. Spain plays good team basketball but the team lacks usable bigs. Idk much about Dominican Rebublic or Argentina but they normally always have a strong team. 2003 born or younger player can participate in the tournament.

As expected my main focus will be on Turkey but there are also some guys that I watched and can advice you to watch them closely. France has 2 guys who are worth to watch. The freak of nature Wembanbaya and Dieng. Ruben Dominguez of Spain is also interesting to watch but my favorite is Montero of DR. An amazing 6.2 pg...

Turkey has a strong team again even though there are 2 tough teams to beat with Spain and Argentina. One of the stars of team Turkey is Adem Bona a 6.9 Forward/Center who is a freak of nature who is able to contest everything on the court with his unbelievable speed, size and athleticism combination. Besides him there will be Berke BŁyŁktuncel (Sebtember 2004 ) of Tofas a 6.8. forward with huge wingspan who also can easily defend from 1 to four. Real energy guy who can do everything on the court to a certain degree. He has much of a young Cedi Osman with a better shot and better frame. I dont think that any team can easily score in the paint against Turkey.

To close the circle the main decision maker is Batin Tuna. A 196 cm forward who reads the game very well, a great rebounder who has his hands in the passing lanes. He knows very well when to help and does everytihing on the defensive end. His weaknesses are a stiff ball handling which restricts him and his inconsistent shot.

Team Turkey is a great defensive team with some problems on the creative end.

The tournament starts in fourth July and it will be nice to watch some improvements of young prospects.
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