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Thread: Euroleague Regular Season: Week 26

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    Quote Originally Posted by janketa View Post
    This Brandon Davis shooting night(I watched the game and all shoots were open and assisted) we could compare just with Williams 4/6 shooting against Valencia. If we analyze further, Williams made 4 open shoots and missed 2 forced and defended shoots, which tells something by itself..

    So, we agree in one thing, such true shooting percentage is rarity and isn't sustainable for any team including Fener.

    But, if we just compare Fener with Sloukas in charge the whole game and Fener with his limited role it's big difference in ball movement and much more open positions. Add to that Kalinic didn't have a single shoot for 3pt, that's enough for much better percentage then our 40% current average. Of course 57% is a little bit over some limits, but shooting around 50% is not rarity. In every round we have teams with such percentage.
    The only problem with your post is that I never said shooting 50% for 3 is a big rarity. But again, no one is averaging 50% for 3 in a long run.

    About Davies, one 3-pointer in 3 years and 4/4 in last game is very unusual no matter how open he was.
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    Is there a real discussion on whether Fener can average 56% from 3 over a season?

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