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Thread: Who gets paid to play at the World Cup?

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    Question Who gets paid to play at the World Cup?

    So during yesterday's press conference Lithuania's Coach Adomaitis put his hand on Jonas Valančiūnas' shoulder and said "These guys they're spending all summer two months without their families, they receive zero dollars, they get my biggest respect. But somebody (clearly FIBA) doesn't respect the game."

    And several years ago I remember Jonas Mačiūlis saying that "We players don't get a single euro, a single litas, a single cent for playing. We don't even get gas money for driving here to training camp in Palanga."

    But this summer I read of strikes by the players of Venezuela, Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire when promised monies were not paid.

    So which countries pay their players to compete in this and other tournaments? Does your country pay? How much?

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    That part of his statement also caught my attention. Curious about this.
    Even though playing for the national team is more about pride than anything else, players are still working and should get paid accordingly, imo.
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    I have the impression that strikes were about some bonuses about reaching the final stage, but I’m not sure about that.
    Still no matter what there are some examples, although it’s a rare case, in which players got big money because of their NT carriers, like kalnietis and radulica

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    that instance in the interview was emphasized by Adomaitis. I don't understand why they should be paid though. if they're worried about the injury risk or exhaustion, they are declining the offer anyway, but if they participate, they should abandon all monetary concerns, as long as their expenses are covered, of course.

    Several years ago, the current president of Turkish federation, Mr Turkoglu the asslicker, had demanded money openly for their services in the NT, and there was some domestic noise about it, but I don't think they've ever been paid "officially" in Turkey.
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    Basketball Australia CBA announcement:

    Key CBA Outcomes
    Players obtain 25 per cent share of BA revenue from key events
    Players share commercial income and royalty payments for BA product sales
    New standard player contracts implemented
    Increased per diem payments and increased match payments
    Protection of player image rights and royalty payments

    USA players get a little bit of money, not sure of the exact amounts but there's an article from a couple years ago saying that the AmeriCup players got $100 a day plus $75 per diem (Presumably the distinction is that $100 a day came as a paycheck in the normal manner, whereas the per diem was "meal money" paid up front in cash).
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