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Thread: How to build a Great National Team--Order of importance

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    Default How to build a Great National Team--Order of importance

    If you notice, certain countries always seem to be at or near the top of the world rankings. So I started thinking: what ingredients are needed to build a great national team? I came up with a few choices...

    -Infrastructure (facilities, training equipment, etc.)


    -NT Funding

    -Identifying talent at the junior level

    -Promoting proper nutrition/exercise

    -Playing against other countries regularly

    -Bolstering a domestic league with more homegrown talent.

    How would you RANK these items in order of importance to build a great national team? Feel free to include other items if you think they're important.

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    Coaching is the most important imho. And rewarding the players, they need to be motivated to participate in national tournaments sacrificing a bit of their "family time".

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