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There isn's a second pg and the only one not bad big is Lavrinovicius. The players you mentioned: Kozys, Vasiliauskas, Valinskas are not solid. How you see the last one being solid? He's a small one who shoots the ball slowly. They are NKL players potentially and the game is so crappy mainly because of that. How would this team play without Velicka? It would be too bad. You can find a solid starting five here, but the bench is too bad with the players like Jonkus, Leganovic, Vaiciunas, Sakalauskas, Poska. You need badly Velicka and Uleckas having a good game. Still i can see this team going to some semifinals because the competitions don't look strong. But also i can see them fighting for relegation.
You would throw Sargiunas at 1 and this team is no-where near being a B division team without Velicka. Now some players till haven't show what they can. The same Sargiunas, surely Kozys who can go for a nearly triple double on a good night, Vasiliauskas should have solid performances. Valinskas is not that bad, he was in double digits last season in NKL and Lietkabelis signed him. If all these players will start playing up to their level, we might be dangerous to most of the teams in the knock out stage.