We booked our place at the WC 2019. So it is fun to speculate about our NT. The team is obviously a shadow of its former self in comparison to last decade. Not really impressed by Osman contrary to general view, he was way too inconsistent through the season, hopefully he will show a little bit better performance in NT. Korkmaz couldn't have adjusted his role in 76ers yet and he didn't take enough minutes due to various reasons. It is hard to call him a complete NBA player for now. But he will make it one way or another. Potential is there. Ilyasova will probably join the team and his presence will hit the spot at that position for this tournament aswell, as we are very drought at PF.

Except NBAers, other Turkish players don't make notable impact on their teams and I just can't see them as the integral part of our team. All players will have to try harder when they wear NT jersey if we want to have a good tournament. It is seriously hard to even make a fantasy roster with what we have in general. Thoughts on NT for WC 2019?