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Thread: WC 2019 Power Rankings

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    Germany is good and really dangerous team I agree, but I still dont understand how exactly they gonna make 1/4 game?

    They gonna end up in second round group most likely with France, Australia, Lithuania and Germany.

    Our fans see this possible group simply must win againts Germany and then will big dog fights with other 2.

    That 3 very top elite teams and they need to overtake 2 of them to make 1/4.Im not sure at all my Lithuania will survive this group and Germany will? I will be shocked,if Germany can pull this off, in such case they can be consider elite of today's basketball world for sure .
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    I think it's the most unpredictable world championship in the next 20 years. In reality, even 7-8 (USA, Australia, Spain, France, Lithuasnia, Serbia , Greece, Canada) teams can be new champions.
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