Since 2016/2017m season coach Rolandas Radvila initiated the change of rules in MKL. Three changes were:

- three seconds defensive rule (as in NBA, to clean the paint area from really big and tall trees, allowing more space for individual operation)
- any screens forbidden (obvious, go one on one)
- Double team defence allowed only in the paint

I really congratulate these chances and I believe in some ways players like Vilys, Sirvydis, Jarumbauskas and Marciulionis Jr already plucking the fruits of these changes. We all know out basketball school is strong in terms of discipline, team play and coherence and shooting, that's our identity and it should basically stay this way because basketball was and will be team sport. But we also suffered many years because of poor ball handling skills, individual skills (aside Marciulionis, and maybe young Siskauskas, we don't have a single elite guard who was truly strong individually) and individual defence. These changes allowing to improve all this. FOA, we have to learn more from Italy to play without the ball. We have to learn super quick basketball and quick decision making from Spain. We have emphasize individual defence as Serbia does (they also emphasize shooting just as we do). And we should really emphasize feet work (I remember Americans being surprised how little we working on this, when they were visiting our youth BB schools or something) and individual defence/offence as USA does.

Those are changes that are must be done, because our BB schoold, IMO, is outdated. We can't expect to win games with fluid team effort while being weak at ballhandling and individual quality anymore. BB is changing and moving towards intense rotation and extreme quickness. Basketball becoming quicker and more athletic, but I believe quickness is the key here. Slovenia wasn't the most athletic team in Eurobasket, but it was quickest and most skilled team in the Eurobasket, most individually gifted. We are lacking real individual talent and our role players are too often are crappy defenders. Specially role players should be super fir, super quick, super good at individual defence. This is the shift we have to make. Unfortunately, our coaches are weak generally, we don't have many good coaches, but Radvila and other who will embrace this message can really make a difference in the future. We have to learn from BB schools I mentioned while retaining the advantages we currently have.