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    Estonia has a prospect in Kerr Krissa. He's lighting in up in AGNST Kaunas, 16pts, 6as in just 26minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight forward View Post
    Estonia has a prospect in Kerr Krissa. He's lighting in up in AGNST Kaunas, 16pts, 6as in just 26minutes.
    We actually have pretty exciting generation coming through.

    As pointed out, Kerr Kriisa joined Žalgiris and so far it seems that the two match pretty well.

    Henri Drell (204, SG/SF, born 00) and Kristian Kullamäe (190cm, PG/SG, born 99) are part of Bamberg’s youth system and both of them are currently splitting their time between Bamberg’s main team and their youth team Baunach in ProA. Both of them have NBA/Euroleague potential according to scouts. Jonathan Givony, for example, has claimed that if Drell signed up for the NBA draft this year, he would be a definite second round pick. Or a probable first round pick in 2020.

    Sander Raieste (205, SF, born 99) is another prospect that have been dubbed to have NBA potential. Similarly to Drell, Raieste also featured in Givony’s 2020 NBA mock draft list. He is currently plying his trade at Baskonia, mostly featuring for their farm team and in some rare occasions also making the bench for the main team (hasn’t currently debuted in an official match though). In my opinion he needs to get away from Baskonia as soon as possible as they don’t seem to be a best place for youngsters looking to progress their career.

    Matthias Tass (208, PF/C, born 99), is also considered as a notable prospect in Estonia. He apparently had some offers from clubs around Europe (including Žalgiris), but decided to go to NCAA instead and committed to Saint Mary's. He is quite skilled for a big man and has a nice shooting touch. In my opinion he is more suited to European basketball though, so hopefully he doesn’t waste his years in the USA.

    And then we have other talents abroad, mainly in Italy, like Kaspar Treier (204, SF/PF, born 99, Montegranaro XL), Mikk Jurkatamm (196, SG, born 00, Ravenna Orasi, previously has played youth ANGT Euroleague with Bologna Virtus averaging 19 PPG) and Kaspar Kitsing (195, SG/SF, born 01, Dolomiti Energia Trento).

    We are currently in a transition phase with our men’s national team with the aim of integrating younger players. It is a painful process but seems to slowly give its first fruits. For example, yesterday the Estonian NT beat Serbian NT 71-68 and Kullamäe (18 points, 27 min), Drell (4 pts, 8 min) and Raieste (3 pts, 32 min) were all considerable part of it.

    The 99-01 generation is rather strong for Estonia. And some younger guys are also catching attention from European powerhouses, for example Gerrit Lehe (193, 2005) recently visited Real Madrid.

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    Good post Recp. Welcome to interbasket. We'll see how Estonia will round in upcoming decade, might be interesting team. Nice to see Kullamäe among yougsters
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