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  • Greak Freak

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  • Jokic

    1 16.67%
  • Porzingis

    1 16.67%
  • Gobert

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  • Doncic

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Thread: Best Europeans in NBA today

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    Default Best Europeans in NBA today

    1. Greak Freak. He's amazing. And while he's a pure Nigerian who happened to be born and live in Greece and so it's a bit of another feeling to put him here than some white stiff, he's officially European and by far the best baller of the continent. Actually I think he's the leading MVP candidate today in NBA.
    2. Jokic. Here's that stiff. Also fast food junky or at least used to be. However nearly a triple double machine and best passing big in bball history.
    3. Porzingis. He was on superstar mode when playing. Seems like he might be an injury prone, but he's a machine when he's healthy.
    4. Rudy Gobert. I don't know what Jazz does to score him 18pts, but he does, and his defensive presence is massive.

    and there things get tricky? how would you go from here?

    Here's the thing - Mirotic balling (is he really that good as he is now?), Gallinari, Dragic, both Bogdanovics balling, Bjelica, Vucevic, JV, Schroder, M. Gasol still somewhat relevant, Batum, Fournier, Nurkic, Kanter looking solidly (what did I miss?)...and I don't know what happened to Saric because I kinda see him as one of the best Euros at the moment, but something really happened to him.

    But! There's only three names that I want to follow from elite names in first 4 positions, who has a real shot to become the members new Euro hierarchy:

    5. Doncic. He's just destined to be great. Yet he's just warming up, but he will be great. 19yo.
    6. Sabonis. And some of you would be surprised, but he's a beast. He's tough, mobile, bully inside, can make a jumper, rebounding machine, good passer. I call him baby Jokic or as someone said baby fundamental. Really one of the best bigs in NBA already, a bit underused by Indiana. 22yo.
    7. Markkanen. Extremely gifted scorer. Now injured, but he can be an elite Euro in NBA, IMo. 21yo.

    and these 2 fellows that, IMO, should be included:

    8. Mirotic. He's getting into prime, and yet he's already 27yo he can dominate the league for quite some time now, even if I'm not sure
    he'll remain that good on regular basis.
    9. Saric. He's a great all around offensive player. Don't know what's happening with him this season, but he's only 24yo and should wake up as one of the best Euros now.

    Discuss and deliver your list.
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    Giannis 26,1pts
    Mirotic 22,4pts
    Gallinari 19,8pts
    Doncic 19,2pts
    Vucevic 19,0pts
    Jokic 18.0pts
    Dragic 17,7pts
    Gobert 16,6pts
    Ibaka 16,3pts
    Fournier 15,6pts
    M.Gasol 15,6pts
    Bjelica 15.6pts
    Capela 15,3pts
    Nurkic 14,9pts
    Schroder 14,6pts
    Kanter 14,1pts
    Valanciunas 13,9pts
    Bojan Bogdanovich 13,7pts
    Sabonis 13,6pts
    Osman 12,7pts
    Bellineli 11,5pts

    its early about 10 games played,but such averages are for this season and you can see some picture.

    if i have to make my starting 5 for 2018 game Dragic,Doncic,Giannis,Porzingis,Gobert

    Jokic and Mirotic would be first players coming from the bench.Overall most of the best europeans in nba are bigs,few europeans guards special ones that was able to make their imprint in nba in guard positions.
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    it's kinda hard to rank and label all of these euros in NBA, since all of them have very different roles in their respective teams, not to mention that some guys play for stacked elite championship level squads, while others are just padding their statlines in botom dwelling lottery clubs. The only thing that is obvious is that Greek Freak is a cut above the rest of them, while you can make an argument for any other of them an any given night. So I'd say Giannis is >>> all of the others, especially with Porzingis being still injured and already showing his liabilities regarding his health and longevity

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    1. Giannis
    2. Jokic
    3. Porzings
    4. Gobert


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    It appears to be a new very talented generation with Giannis, Jokic, Gobert, Porzingis. Three of them are in MVP race already and Porzingis probably could also get there if healthy.

    Also new young superstars section is basically nearly international - those thee Euros above (Gobert aside as he's 26yo), Embiid, Cat, Simmons. The only young USA superstar player is Anthony Davis.

    Pretty good times for international BB...
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    Giannis is like another Tony Parker, his style is just like a USA player, but a european only in name.

    He is the best european right now, then Jokic. I had big expectations from Bogdan Bogdanovic, but he didn't make that big jump yet.

    Also Dennis Schroder, Bojan Bogdanovic and Marc Gasol should be on your list.
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    i agree with the apparent consensus, the quarter of Giannis-Porzingis-Jokic-Gobert...

    for each one of them, at times I thought he was freaking amazing, and he is the best Euro at the moment. but then it keeps changing.

    I personally like Porzingis the most, probably because I watched him the most, when he was not injured, and also because he leads his NT.
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