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Thread: Turkish TV & internet personalities on bball

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    Default Turkish TV & internet personalities on bball

    I thought of this with the death of Ismet Badem today. For a generation of bball followers, him & Murathanoglu were the bball personalities on tv, especially in the late 90s on Cine5 TV. Badem has been the optimistic, enthusiastic voice of Turkish bball with his continuous efforts and school visits in Anatolia to spread the bball out of off major cities. His bball newspaper was, and I think is, the only one of its kind in Turkey. He is also the creator of nicknames of "pegasus" for Erdenay, "kelepce" for Alper Yilmaz, and "Ferrari (?)" for Onan. I often disagreed with him and found some of his ideas ridiculous, esp on his articles, but I always thought he was a valuable voice. You can never take away his sincere contribution to the sport and his constantly childish excitement. RIP Ismet abi.

    for my generation, the other bball personalities were the legendary Avni Kupeli on TRT (earlier on TV3), the subject of so many jokes, and of course Murat Murathanoglu especially with NBA and the NCAA.

    later on, the likes of insincere, populist, shouting types, like Murat Kosova took the title. I quite dislike him but I gotta admit he's been maybe the most influential, together with his TV buddy, the big personality mr the great Kaan Kural. Never liked the style of his back-up Osman Sakaloglu, but he's a less annoying person.

    I think today we're in the golden age of bball commentators, with Kural still active, Ismail Senol (a little like Kosova in annoying stuff, but much better otherwise), Orkun Colakoglu, etc. with the internet & youtube revolution.

    gotta mention my favorite bball podcasts "ikili oyun", and of course "potacast".

    any thoughts?
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    First of all RIP Ismet Badem...

    He is one of the main characters who has the influence on spreading basketball all around Turkey. His enthusiasm was unbelievable. He might have five to six seminars a week in different parts of Turkey just about basketball...

    I can add Mete Aktas to above list... At the moment my favorite duo is Kaan Kural and Orkun Colakoglu and their potacast.
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