I am not sure whether this thread belongs to NBA forum, so I am going to put it here, sorry for double post.

I want to share with you my new project. It is called Scoracles. Main idea - give NBA enthusiasts a chance to make game watching more exciting. All you have to do is create a new account and start predicting upcoming NBA game results. After each game day, our system automatically calculates how many points you get for each of your game prediction and adds those points to your account. You can predict every game result until the start of the game.

You have country/continent and global ranks that are updated after every game day. Also you can predict NBA season awards, such as who will be MVP, which team will have best Winn/Loss ratio or who will win rookie of the year award. These predictions are worth more points if you are correct. You can predict these until the all star game.
After each day/week/month system calculates which players were most accurate and gives them badges. In future, we are going to give prizes for most accurate predictors, but so far project is in beta stage and it is tough to find any sponsors in this stage. But if website gains more attention I believe it is very likely that some companies would sponsor us with prizes for most accurate predictors.

Predicting is 100% free. I am also planning to release more versions of this next year: NFL, MLB, English Premier League.

Website address is: https://nba.scoracles.com
Rules on how points are calculated can be found here: https://nba.scoracles.com/rules
Video, which shows how to place predictions can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3B8sXRira8
You can register and play by using thes methods: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

I would like to hear your insights about the website, game system and how can I improve it.