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Thread: Asian players in NBL

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    Default Asian players in NBL

    Darren Ng (Chinese-Australian), Adelaide 36ers/Singapore Slingers, 2002-12
    Pathman Matialakan (Singapore), Singapore Slingers, 2007-08
    Eric Sandrin (U.S./South Korea), a.k.a. Lee Seung-jun, Singapore Slingers, 2008-09
    Anatoly Bose (Kazakhstan), a.k.a. Anatoliy Kolesnikov, Sydney Kings, 2011-12
    Liu Bo (China), Sydney Kings, 2016-17
    Amritpal Singh (India), Sydney Kings, 2017-18
    Makoto Hiejima (Japan), Brisbane Bullets, 2018-19

    Last year, India's Vishesh Bhriguvanshi (Adelaide 36ers) and China's Meng Xiangyu (known as Jet Meng, Melbourne United) had reportedly inked contracts, but I don't think they ever played.

    Am I missing anyone?
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    Jason Castro (Williams) was going to play for the Sydney Kings the year they folded.

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